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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Disconnection - Little Lady 1977



* Single and Maxi version,This "Disconnection" from Canada would seem to have no connection (if you'll pardon the pun) with the Disconnection which recorded an LP on Prelude Records in the same year.

The A side of this record, "Little Lady" is a supremely kitch record with an infectious groove, featuring a gruff-voiced man trying to chat up a girl he was sitting next to on a coach or train. In this day and age he would have been arrested for harrassment!

The main line goes "Oh little lady... oh little lady... what is your name?" The "little lady" in question just giggles at his questions, until the very end when she says something like "My name is mellow and I'm tall as one!". I'd love to know what she actually says...

* Thanks to ''DjHouser'' by the audio of ''Little Lady(12'')''

    Directed By [Orchestration] – Guy Mattéoni
    Producer [Réalisation Artistique] – Jean Eckian
    Recorded By [Prise De Son] – Bernard Estardy
    Written By – B.Bergman, Maximilien


1)     Little Lady    7'' version

2)     Little Lady   12'' version

''Little Lady (My video)''

Style : Disco,funk/soul



  1. man's speech is really awful... i like it :-)

  2. I said " My name is Mary Lou and I'm twelve years old". I was actually 9 when I was asked to do this. My accent was quite strange. I'd been living in France for 2 years, my last two years in the UK being spent in Scotland.

  3. Then the song refers a man who flirts with a girl 12 year......thinking it has more years,That happens until today :)

    thanks for the correction!