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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Neftali's Beast - Land Of The Drums (Vocal & Instrumental) 1980 Single



* Que gran mezcla de la música disco y sonidos de la naturaleza como concepto principal,el único sencillo grabado por Neftali Santiago allá por 1980,en otros sitios conocido como ''The Santiago Band'',la banda se quebró antes de firmar con ''capitol records''.

Tracklist :

A    Land Of The Drums

B    Land Of The Drums (Instrumental)


Producer – Larry Elliot, Neftali Santiago
Written - Neftali Santiago

Style : Electronic Disco

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    Neftali Santiago is best known for his role as a member of the legend group “Mandrill”. Neftali performed on Mandrill’s biggest hits, “Fence Walk”, “Hang Loose”, “Fat City Strut” Mango Meat” to name a few. Neftali was a member of Mandrill from 1972 to 2005 on and off. In 1976 he formed “Santiago” the band releasing one single on the Bambu label “Feeling Good”.

    “Neftali’s Beast” first appeared on the music scene in 1980 with “Land Of The Drums” released on Capital Records as a single. The song became a dance hit in Europe and a “must have” for DJs today. Land of the drums introduced animal sounds in rhythm along with instruments in a very unique way with a Mellotron.

    Today Neftali's Beast has come back from a sound expedition discovering “Animal Music”! “Animal Music” is a new genre and art form using only animal sounds. Being the first of it’s kind in a popular music market Neftali released the demo version of “Animals United In Song” as a time stamp for a new genre. On November 26th, 2014’ Neftali’s Beast will release ‘Animals United in Song” (part II) the completed single. Neftali used 100% animal sounds; no kick drum, no handclaps, hi-hat or keyboards were used. Neftali is out to prove an “all animal record” could be made and played on popular radio and become a hit. It took Neftali 12 months to cut and paste in real time the hundreds of pieces of animal sounds, no sequencing. Neftali wanted a pure organic creation.

    Neftali: "The purpose for making this recording is to give endangered animals a voice. Too many animals are becoming extinct and hopefully this song will inspire people to help. My song shows a different way of presenting animal vocalization and awareness. 50% of the writer’s royalty will go to species survival groups throughout the world."

    "Animals United In Song III (instrumental)" is the final creation of the song from Neftali's beast.

    Neftali: " All three versions have their own unique sound. The last version III is the animals in all their glory!