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Sunday, October 4, 2020

The Jeffrey Lake Group - You Really Need It 197x Complete Lp (Lossless)



*   Recorded maybe in 1980,no exact figure on the cover from Lp and also not data of arranger and producer,''Star Naked'' sensational Disco High tension'' perhaps the best in the album...you can find several similar albums to this style like ''Zebra,Kat Mandu,Fever,Hott City,Kikrokos,Frantique,Caprice,Bonnie Boyer,Citi,Gino Soccio,etc''. 

Tracklist :  

A1 You Really Need It
A2 Give Me Your Sexy Body

B1 Stark Naked
B2 Disco Excitement

Credits :
Written - Jeffrey Lake (Track : A2),Leo Caerts / M. Deschryver (Track : B1)

Style : Electronic Disco

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  1. Hi Jorge!
    Posible uploasd pleaz this The Jeffrey Lake Group - You Really Need It 197x Complete Lp in WAV quality??It's my preferat albums pleaz uploads this for me!
    many many thanks and happy weekend!

    1. Hi,I have the vinyl but for now I cannot make vinyl rip,because the needle of my turntable has broken,I will notify when have solved this problem.


  2. hi!
    OK Jorge i waith !!


  3. This is a great LP shame it has been totally bricked, recorded at such a high level it destroys the sound. Shame.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. If you don't like it, it's not my problem but I recorded it at 30% recording sound with AlltoWav recorder through the mic input - what did I do? - I just added brightness to the sound, keeping the original recording volume - at Actually the original vinyl recording sounds loud even at 40% of my pc's volume - it's made for making noise in nightclubs.

  4. Knowing how easily phrases are copied in music and given this release predates Talk Talk's "It's My Life" by 4-5 years, it's very likely the British New Wave band heard the bass bridge (which occurs twice in "Stark Naked") and used it for their song. It's a vi-ii-V-I progression in both cases and even if it resolves differently in the two songs, it's too similar to be a coincidence.