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Friday, February 7, 2020

Eddie Johns - Paris Métro 197x Complete Album



*  Un registro del que no se sabe casi nada y que posiblemente sea un lp que nunca llegó al mercado,pero lógicamente sería posterior al álbum ''More spell on you'' entre 1979 y 1980 aproximadamente,por ahora solo está disponible en cualquier Streaming o tienda digital.

Tracklist :

1    Paris Métro
2    Spare A Dime
3    You Woke Me Up This Morning
4    Boogie With A Beauty
5    Knowing You
6    Let's Start Dancing
7    I'm Loosing My Reason
8    She's Got Style

Producer – Carla Music

Style : Disco,Funk/Soul

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Jorge - According to the Apple site this album was released in January 1980

    Released: 1 Jan 1980
    ℗ 1980 Gm.musipro

    If anyone has a copy of the I Put A Spell On You single or 12 Inch which Daft Punk sampled for their One More Time it would be great to get a link!

    Many thanks for sharing this rarity - I'm surprised it isn't more well known on the Modern side of the Northern Soul scene as his voice is amazing and some of the tracks are just perfect for the dancefloor.