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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hans Edler - Space Vision 1979 Lp Complete



*  Great album with great covers find in the web, perhaps too the only recording in disco style,

Producer - Hans Edler

Tracklist :

A1 Lady In Black
A2 It's Over
A3 At The Speed Of The Light
A4 Melt Down
B1 Bang
B2 I Want Love
B3 Feeling Down
B4 Chiquitita

''It's over''

''Lady in Black''

Style : Electronic Disco,Synth-Pop

Password :  hans_edler-79


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Charme - Cobra Dance (Part 1 & 2) 1978


*  Female italian one-off disco trio,perhaps the only single that they recorded to late of the 70's

Manufactured By – EMI Italiana S.p.A.
Marketed By – EMI Italiana S.p.A.
Written-By – Cesare De Natale,Giancarlo Balestra

Tracklist :

A Cobra Dance (Part One)

B Cobra Dance (Part Two)

Style : Electronic Disco


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Nazan Şoray - Teselliye Sen Gerek 1981 Lp Complete



Tracklist :

A1 Bir Asik Olursam
A2 Telas
A3 Tatli Bela
A4 Yaran Derindir
A5 Damarimda Kanimsin
B1 Halay
B2 Teselliye Sen Gerek
B3 Damla Damla Aktin Gozlerimden
B4 Kirpiklerim Islak Islak
B5 Halhal

''Teselliye Sen Gerek''

Style : Pop,Disco,Funk/Soul,Psychedelic,Folk World & Country

Password :  soray_turkey


Friday, January 23, 2015

Gina X Performance - Nice mover 1979 / X-Traordinaire 1980 Lp Complete




*   Real Name Gina Kikoine, Zeus B. Held,Formed in Cologne, Germany, in 1978, the core of Gina X Performance comprised charismatic Gina Kikoine (vocals and lyrics) and writer-producer-musician Zeus B. Held. Between 1979 and 1984 the group released four albums of cool arthouse electro-disco: Nice Mover, X-Traordinaire, Voyeur and Yinglish. Their classic 1979 single No G.D.M. was a club hit on both sides of the Atlantic and remains a cult classic thanks to electro/synthcore compilations such as Nag Nag Nag. Slinky second single Nice Mover is also an established favourite, having appeared on the Andrew Weatherall compilation Nine O'Clock Drop.


Nice Mover

A1 Nice Mover
A2 No G.D.M. (Dedicated To Quentin Crisp)
A3 Plastic Surprise Box
A4 Casablanca
B1 Be A Boy
B2 Exhibitionism
B3 Black Sheep
B4 Tropical Comic Strip


A1 Strip Tease
A2 Do It Yourself
A3 Opposite Numbers
A4 Cologne Intime
B1 Weekend Twist
B2 Nowhere Wolf
B3 Vendor's Box
B4 Ciao Caruso

''Do it yourself''

Style : Electronic Disco,Synth-pop

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Beryl Cunningham - Why-O / Tua 1978


* Side  A : Delicious disco with killer drums and breakS!
   Side  B : lovely italian disco in the manner that I like!,Click on the Titles

Tracklist :


Written-By – Ormi


Written-By – Bruno Pallesi, J. May, Walter Malgoni

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul,Latin,Batucada


Monday, January 19, 2015

M. J. Williams - I Found Love Dancing On A Disco Floor / Life 1979


*  Click on the titles

Producer - Biddu

Tracklist :

A I Found Love Dancing On A Disco Floor

Written-By – Johnny Gonzalez , Sylvester Bradford

B Life

Written-By – Biddu

Style : Disco,Funk/Soul


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Georges Rodi - Space 1979 Lp Complete



*  My blog brings many albums with disco sound especially content & style cosmic or spacial,thanks to the user who uploaded this excellent lp

Music By – Dave Sarkys, Georges Rodi
Producer [Conception Et Réalisation] – Louis Delacour

Tracklist :

A1 Boop Boopy Doo
A2 Le Manteau D'Uranie (Uranus Mantel)
A3 Space Flight Center (Space)
A4 Moonshine's Magic
A5 Contested Planet
A6 Jogging In Central Park
B1 Skateboarding In N.Y.
B2 U.F.O.s
B3 Spacy Eve
B4 Earth-Moon Connection
B5 Muroc Air Field

''Contested planet''

''Boop boopy doo''

Style : Electronic Disco,Experimental,Abstract,Stage & Screen,Instrumental

Password :  rodi__space