Disco Orchestral Session I

* Blog dedicated to the music disco and his melody...Exclusively of the style : Electronic Disco/Disco Funk Soul/Disco International/Cosmic Disco and among others more....

* Blog dedicado a la musica disco y su melodía... Exclusivamente del estilo : Electronic Disco/Disco Funk Soul/Disco International/Cosmic Disco y entre otros más.....

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Action feat. Laura Lee Mann - New roller disco dip 1979 1 & 2



    Executive Producer – Ed Chalpin
    Producer – Curtis Knight, Ed Chalpin, G. Rothschild
    Written-By – Curtis. Knight

1)  New Roller Disco Dip part 1 & 2               5:48

2)  New Roller Disco Dip part 2                      4:35

Test in Youtube : 

Style : Disco Funk/Soul

Password :   A_c_t_i_o_n


Monday, April 21, 2014

Disco Dance Machine ‎– Skateboard Dance / Virgin Ballet 1978



*  Obscure instrumental space disco of the style ''Magic fly'' of Space or ''Phonic'' of Cerrone.

    Photography By – Michel Laguens
    Written-By – C. Carl Wing

A     Skateboard Dance     3:39

B     Virgin Ballet                3:05

''Virgin Ballet''

Style : Electronic Disco,Instrumental

Password : dance_machine78


Friday, April 18, 2014

Soundcloud : Disco! All night

* As you should know every week is published in soundcloud a session which by the way will be available the next 7 days and then it will be removed and also a musical background that only get the song list by email.

*  Como ustédes deben saber  todas las semanas se publíca en soundcloud una sesión que por cierto estará disponible los proximos 7 dias y despues será eliminado,como tambien el fondo musical que solo obtendrá la lista de canciones por email.


Pacific Blue - Argentina Forever 1978
Orient Express - Desert disco 1978
The Music People - Marruecos 1978
Neil Cloud Orchestra - The good,the bad and ugly 1978 Vinyl Yellow

Triple S Connection - Dance the night away 1979
7th Wonder - Do it with your baby 1979
Joel Diamond - Heaven in afternoon 1978
Dennis Parker - New York By Night 1979

Honey - Superman,Superman 1979
Cut Glass - Without your love 1980
Bernheim - Back to Paris 1978
Santaren And Lovin' Girls - Dance tango tango 1978

Hallelujah 2000 - Hallelujah 2000 1978
Lucky Star and Witchraft - Welcome to the promise land 1978

Edited and Selection musical by Jorge Gago,Not professional mix! is a only demo

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Marboo - Macumba / What about love


* 2 canciones del moreno ''Marboo Whisnant'' grabadas en diferentes años bajo los sellos ''Midland International'' y ''Jupiter records'',si usted tiene curiosidad del long play ''Macumba'' de una duración de 10 minutos aprox. (que es una version del psicodélico rock del grupo ''Tittanic'')....tan solo es una repetición continua del single original de 7'',hasta usted mismo podría extender este sabroso funky disco...

Productor - Peter Peters

''What about love'' 
 Written By Marboo Whisnant

Written By John Williamson,Roy Robinson

Youtube : ''Macumba''


Style : Disco,funk,soul

Password :  M-a-r-b-o-o_w

Buy ''Macumba single''

Buy ''What about love single''

Monday, April 14, 2014

Krono - Krono 1979 Lp Complete



 Producer & Written - David McLey

Tracklist :

A1     Bareback    
A2     Jamaica Electric
A3     Manhattan
B1     Krono
B2     Lightning 


Style : Electronic Disco

Password :   Krono_lp79_electronic


Friday, April 11, 2014

Marsius - ..... Save The Tiger 1977 Lp Complete



* Un genial album producido por Marzio Vincenzi,escrito por Mauro Malavasi y Deborah Kooperman en 1977 bajo el nombre ''Marsius'',los tracks que más me encantan de este album son....''Suite for lovers'' de una duracion de 11 minutos aprox. un fabuloso y divertido electronic disco funk y ''A Summertime souvenirs'' un hermoso instrumental que refleja el estilo orchestral del album,las otras pista los dejó a su criterio y gusto.

Tracklist :

A1     Save The Tiger
A2     Suite For Lovers
B1     Chiricahua
B2     Look At Me Babe
B3     A Summertime Souvenirs

''Suite for lovers''

Style : Electronic Disco,funk

Password :   Save_the_tiger_77


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pink Champagne - He's Back Gonna Do It Again 197?



Written and produced - Troy Davis,John Centinaro

Vocal And Instrumental :

Style : Disco,funk,soul