Obscure Disco II :

Saturday, February 28, 2015

C.K.B. - Superman 1978 Maxi



Arranged By – J.L. Drillon
Producer – Luigi C.Ojival
Written-By – Michel Beaucarty,Peter Brain

Tracklist :

A Superman                            6:16

B Superman (Instrumental)  5:06

Style : Electronic Disco

Password :  supermanckb


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Buffalo Featuring Peter Vee - Magic Carpet Ride 1979 Lp Complete



*  Una cortesía de ''Manuel lozano'',gracias master!

Engineer – Glen Pearce
Other [Disco Consultant] – Julian Cohen
Photography By – Jonathan Massie-Taylor
Producer, Arranged By – Malcolm Watson
Producer, Concept By – Peter Vee

Tracklist :

A1 Hey! Big Brother

A2 Jumping Jack Flash (Medley)
A2.a Jumping Jack Flash
A2.b All Right Now
A2.c Birthday

A3 All Along The Watchtower

B1 Magic Carpet Ride
B2 The Game Of Love
B3 Let's Work Together

B4 Black Night (Medley)
B4.a Black Night
B4.b Smoke On The Water

''All Along The Watchtower''

Style : Electronic Disco,Rock

Password :  bufalo1979


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fernando Harkless - Disco Train / Finally Come True 1979 Maxi



* A cortesy of my friend ''Carl''

Producer, Written-By – Fernando Harkless

Tracklist :

A Disco Train

B Finally Come True

Style : Disco,Funk/Soul

Password :  Harkless79


Sunday, February 22, 2015

African Magic Combo - La Chica 1981 Lp Complete


*  The Track 'Bon L'amour' is instrumental version of  ''L'Amour C'est Bon'' from Jean Pierre Massiera's project ''FRIENDS (1979)''. 
Naceur Mekkaoui and Guy Battarel also took part in Massiera's THE VISITORS (1981).
Arranged By – Jean Pierre Massierra
Arranged By, Guitar – Bernard Torelli
Bass – Naceur Mekkaoui
Choir – Gail, Gérard Layani, Jerry
Drums – P. D'espagne
Percussion – Emmanuel Roche
Synthesizer [Polymoog] – Guy Battarel

Tracklist :

A1 La Chica
A2 Invite Ta Copine
A3 D'accord D'accord
A4 Bon L'Amour
A5 Tropicana
B1 Papagayo
B2 Si J'avance Toi Tu Recules Comment Veux-Tu ...

Medley  : 

B3.a Papagayo
B3.b Tropicana
B3.c Si J'avance Toi Tu Recules Comment Veux-Tu ...
B3.d Bon L'Amour
B3.e D'accord D'accord
B3.f Invite Ta Copine
B3.g La Chica

''La Chica''

''Bon L'Amour''

Style : Latin,Disco Funk/Soul,Pop

Password :  magic_combou


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Inner City Jam Band - What I Did For Love / Hurt 1977 Maxi



Producer, Arranged By – Scott P. Schreer

Tracklist :

A What I Did For Love

Written-By – Edward Kleban, Marvin Hamlish

B Hurt

Arranged By – Lanny Meyers
Written-By – Al Jacobs, Jimmy Crane

Style : Disco,Funk/Soul

Password :  I_N_N_E_R


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ole - Super Disco Tube - Olé 1978 Lp Complete


*  ''From Space to spain'' una maravillosa joya considerada todo un ''Space Disco'' que hace que este álbum valga la pena y claro...el famoso popurri de los 70's...''Disco Flamenco''

*  Un cortesía de ''Felix Gomez'',gracias amigo!.

Actualizado / Updated

Arranged By – Jacky Arconte
Engineer – Gabriel Nahas
Performer – Denis Hekimian, Frédéric Grenier, Jacky Arconte
Producer – Claude Rousseau

A1         Disco Flamenco (Versión Larga)        
A2         Mi Corazón        
A3         Regresso        
B1         From Space To Spain ("Desde El Espacio A España")        
B2         Pepe "El Progre"        
B3         ¡Ay! Qué Bueno

''From Space to Spain''

Style : Electronic Disco,Pop,Latin,Flamenco

Password :  Ole_disko


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Scarlett - Take My Heart And Run / Everyone's A Killer 1978


*  The 7'' and 12'' Contain the same length, exists a video clip of the track ''Take my heart and run'' on youtube a beautiful theme of 1978

Arranged - Michel Bernholc
Producer - Paul Lederman

Tracklist :

A Take My Heart And Run

B Everyone's A Killer

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul