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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Various Artists - INTERDISCO VOL. 2


*  El volumen 2 nos tráe varios incunables de la era Disco centrado en 1977,1978,1979 y 1981,10 piezas oscuras de colección y con ella una ''Gema'',hago referencia al tema ''Burn the witch'' de la banda ''Love Spirit'',título que encontré gracias a mi colaborador ''Ramón'',ya que muchos Dj's no dan detalles ó un ''Tracklist'' en sus fantásticas mezclas,es razonable a la hora de aumentar el misterio de cada sesión.

Compiled By Jorge Gago


1)     Amon Düül II - Kismet(1978 Germany)
2)     Christian Bruhn Et Kity Palm - Zora La Rousse (1981 France)
3)     Gerhard Heinz & Michael Scheikl - Svenska Disco Machine(1978 Austria)

4)     Joe Cicca - Brut brut (1981 Italy)
5)     Kreis - Phillys tanz (1977 Germany)
6)     Love Spirit - Burn the witch (Extended) (1980 Germany)
7)     Ozo - Nite of the Black Mamba (1980 Nigeria)
8)     Paula Tsui (徐小鳳) - Kung fu Back again(1977 China)
9)     Riz Ortolani - Music and love(1979 Italy)
10)   Zoom - La bruja de Salem(1978 Spain) 

Style : Electronic Disco / Electronic Disco Funk Soul

Password :  inter_2

*  All rights reserved to the artists that make up this compilation, a special edition non-profit

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Cela - I'm in love 1979 Maxi Single



* Link Re-Up

Mixed By – T. Bernstein
Producer, Mixed By – Marty Celay, Robert Drake
Written-By – Marty Celay

Tracklist :

A I'm In Love (Full Version)
B I'm In Love (Radio Version)
C      I'm In Love (1980 Version)

Style : Disco,Funk/Soul

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Various - It's My Discothek 9


*   New Link Update!

Selected By Jorge Gago
Collaborations - Steffen,Carl


1)      Billy And Billy - Skyline   1977
2)      Blue Diamonds - Disco dolly   1975
3)      Bozuwa - Rally Monte Carlo   1981
4)      Cathy Lee and the Coins - Over the moon   1978
5)      Chinchilla - Gipsy lady   1979
6)      Daisy Daze & The Bumble Bees - Planet O   1979
7)      Gilla - Go down Mainstreet  1980
8)      Janny Loseth - Dancing Girl   1977
9)      Lia Velasco - 5.05 PM   1976
10)    Louis Lesther - Deshabille Moi   1978
11)    Miguel Bose - Shoot me in the Back   1979
12)    Dealer / Washington Flyer - Star dance  1979

Style/Genre : Electronic Disco,Funk/soul,Pop

Password :   diskotekcanumero9

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Annie Philippe - Don't Leave Me Lonely / Lazy Lady 1979 Maxi Single



Arranged By – Gérard Salesses
Producer – Gérard Salesses
Written-By – Gérard Salesses, Pamela Forrest

Tracklist :

A    Don't Leave Me Lonely
B    Lazy Lady

Style : Electronic Disco

Password :  annie79max

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Resonance - The Time Machine 1976 Complete Lp



* Link Re-Up

Composed By, Arranged By – Mat Camison, Pierre Bachelet
Engineer – Gregg Jackman, Jehol Van Bay
Producer – Roger Tokarz
Vocals – Alain Adair

Tracklist :

A1   Time Machine
A2   Boxing Joe
A3   Time Machine
A4   The Great Rodeo
A5   Yellow Train
A6   Time Machine
A7   Go! Go! Go!

B1   Time Machine
B2   Al Capone's Blues
B3   OK Chicago
B4   Time Machine
B5   Grand' Siecle
B6   Time Machine
B7   Universe

C1   Sailing West
C2   Magellan

D1   Route Gipsy
D2   Time Machine
D3   20th Century
D4   Listen To Me

''Go! Go! Go!''

''Ok Chicago''

Style : Prog Rock,Experimental,Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul

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Jinny And The Flamboyants - Jinny And The Flamboyants 1979 (New Vinyl rip)



*  Un album que ya se ha visto en toda la red pero en vista de la ausencia de un buen ''Vinyl rip''... me dí la tarea de grabar el disco completo y agregarle 2 ''Bonus tracks'',usted sabe... sonido bien equilibrado y todo en ''Stereo''!

Arranged By, Directed By – Gianni Bobbio

Tracklist :

Medley : Saludos Caballeros/Adios Pampa Mia

A1.1  Saludos Caballeros
A1.2  Adios Pampa Mia

Medley : Shaking A Tango/Uno

A2.1  Shaking A Tango
A2.2  Uno

A3     Cumparsita

Medley : I Remember Caminito/Caminito

B1.1   I Remember Caminito
B1.2  Caminito

Medley : Theme In C-Major/Adios Muchachos

B2.1  Theme In C-Major
B2.2  Adios Muchachos

Medley : My Choclo Is Ringing Tonight/El Choclo

B3.1   My Choclo Is Ringing Tonight
B3.2   El Choclo

Bonus Tracks

1)   Cumparsita (Long version)
2)   Serenade to Cripton

Style : Electronic Disco,Pop

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Recover Files for new followers

* Hi my friends and fans blog, I have received many requests over fallen links the majority of  ''MEGA'' is because recently they have suspended my account for 2 claims of record stores which they say are undisputed owners of the copyright but.... not I go into a discussion,am sure that many users downloaded the content that I published and would be very grateful if I could recover several files that have lost,I never will trust in the storage servers and keep my files on a hard disk of several terabytesm,hope their generous response

You can use the following servers to download it quickly :

* Hola amigos y seguidores del blog,he recibido muchas solicitudes sobre links caídos y la mayoria del servidor ''MEGA'' es porque hace poco ellos han suspendido mi cuenta por 2 reclamaciones de disquerias que según ellos son dueños indiscutibles de los derechos de autor pero... no entraré en un debáte,estoy seguro que muchos usuarios descargáron los contenidos que he publicádo y estaría muy agradecido si pudiera recuperar varios archivos que he perdido,nunca más confiaré en los servidores de almacenamiento y guardaré mis archivos en un disco duro de varios terabytes espero su generosa respuesta

Pueden usar los siguientes servidores para descargarlo rapidamente.

These are the publications with files that have been deleted :
(Estos son las publicaciones con archivos eliminados)













Graffitti Kids - Running To My Life / Time Telephone 1979 Maxi



*   Obscure Disco!! in High demand for the Collectors,The track ''Time Telephone'' uses the same tune as ''Help Taxi'' from TURN RADIO ON Library LP (1976) by Jean-Pierre Massiera & Bernard Torelli,''C'es mots'' from Jean-Pierre Massiera & Co. LP (1977), also is very similar to the track ''Golden Crystallen'' from HERMAN’S ROCKET LP (1977),well as the tune ''Parachute'' from SEX CONVENTION single (1979) and ''Allo Maman,Allo'' from ALLE, LE RECEAU single (1981) wich very soon will be published in my blog..... Massiera's role co-writer and probably producer of the project...

Written-By – Jean Pierre Massiera,Nick Mordehay
Written-By, Arranged By – Bernard Torelli

Tracklist :

A     Running to my life (Long version)

B     Time Telephone

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/soul

Password :  grafiteando_79

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Crazy Boom Sisters - Take Off '77 (Part 1 & 2) 1976



* Other German Disco hit!

Producer – Dieter Zimmermann

Tracklist :

A  Take Off '77 (Part I)

B  Take Off '77 (Part II)

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/soul

Password : boom77

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Brasa Brasil & Helena - Supertango / I got to bahia 1979



* Another project of the masters ''Jean-Pierre Massiera & Bernard Torelli'',''Brasa Brasil'' is Latin duo of Eduardo Filho and Armando Monteiro,in this single they united with Spanish singer ''Helena'',''Jessy Joyce'' and ''Micky Figliolini'' made back vocal here,the chorus of '''Supertango'' track is similiar to the track of ''Gypsy'' by BABETTE (1979).

Producer – Studio Antibes
Edited – Tubular Music
Arranged By – Bernard Torelli
Written - Jean-Pierre Massiera,Patrick barbero,Eduardo Filho

Tracklist :

A Supertango

B I Got To Bahia

''I got to bahia''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul

Password : brasa79

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jessy Joyce - Love Me 1976 Complete Lp


* Another project by the maestro ''Jean Pierre Massiera'',available in WAV format,see details at the end of the publication.

Bass – Phil Honeyman
Drums, Percussion – Jean-Marc Moutin
Guitar, Producer – Claude "Bobo" Arnou
Guitar, Synthesizer – Bernard Torelli
Mixed By, Producer – Alfie Falckenbach, Jean-Pierre Massiera
Producer – Philippe Renaux
Vocals – Jessy Joyce

Tracklist :

A1   You're Not So Very High
A2   Coming Up From Under
A3   Reve-O-Lution
A4   Love Me
A5   I Feel In Love With Your Eyes
A6   Jessy Joyce

B1   His Life
B2   Dreamboy
B3   Welcome To My Dream
B4   Destiny
B5   Hey Blues
B6   Only In My Dream

Style : Electronic Prog Rock,Psychodelic,Disco,Funk/Soul

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