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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

J.M. With Love - Chains / Love Is A Stranger 1977 Maxi


* ''J.M. With Love'' aka ''Jose Mascolo with Love'' is a Italian modern jazz pianist, composer, arranger & conductor (don't confuse with American actor/musician Joseph Mascolo) with a long collaboration with Fred Bongusto as arranger & pianist of TV variety, comedy music drama' author,works with directors such as Alberto Lattuada & Dino Risi for 21 films,joins tours with Vittorio Gassman and convinces Enrico Montesano to sing in a movie,directs NBC's London, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Tokyo, Athens Festival orchestras

He arranges songs for Petula Clark and Shirley Bassey and collaborates with Don Costa, Jimmy Haskell, Bobby Hart Finally finds time to dive into playing jazz with Louis Bellson 16 unforgettable moments of "feel".

* Eye!,i added data that is not described in ''Discogs'' and have been consulted by ''Disco Magic with Dr. Rob''.

Written - Jayem,Mike Logan
Arranged - Silvestro Catacchio
Mixer,Engineer - Tom Muller,Fred Schreier,Gary Salter,Bernard Estardy,D. Levenbach,Maximilien 

 Tracklist :

Love Is A Stranger

B     Chains

Style : Disco,funk/soul


Monday, September 1, 2014

Various - It's My Discothek 6


*  Mes de Septiembre del 2014 y aún continúa la compilación mas insólita del blog ''It's my Discothek'',10 pistas para que jugeís con ellas y también 2 temas para que experimentes con ellas del estilo ''Cosmic Disco'' como es de costumbre os ofrezco siempre ''Calidad'',''Audio 100% extraído de vinilo'' y una decente equalización.

* September of 2014 and continues the most unusual compilation of the blog ''It's my Discothek'',10 tracks for you to play with them and also 2 themes for you to experiment with them style ''Cosmic Disco'',as usual I always offer ''Quality''', 'Audio 100vinyl extracted'' and a decent equalization.

Selected By Jorge Gago


1)     Candy Darling And The Viscounts - Space movin'    1978
2)     Captain Zorro - Phantasm   1979
3)     Diana Scott - Take me,Hold me    1978
4)     Gene Farrow - Move your Body    1978
5)     Goldie - Yes,i love it   1979
6)     Joy - Nobody is free    1979
7)     Leila & Co. - Leila     1978
8)     Resonance - Go,go,go    1976
9)     Sammy Gordon - Making Love   1976
10)   Toto Cotugno - Son of....     1978

Cosmic Tracks 

11)   Mike Vickers - Retribution   1977
12)   Serge Vella - Airport            1977  

 Test/Prueba :

''Candy Darling And The Viscounts - Space movin'''

Style/Genre : Electronic Disco,Electronic Disco Funk/soul

Password :   discotheque70's6

Comment or give the thanks not cost nothing
(Comentar ó dar las gracias no cuesta nada)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Vamps - Disco Blood 1977 Lp complete


    Arranged By, Electric Piano – Edward Silver
    Art Direction, Design – JG Silver, R. Pucci
    Backing Vocals – Lady's Cats And Men's Cats
    Bass – C. Bond
    Coordinator – John Blumenschein
    Drums – D. Lonny, W. Peters
    Engineer – Allan Cooper, John Watson, Rod Mazzerks
    Engineer [Assistant] – Kim Broad, Les Trixman
    Guitar – D. Thomas
    Lead Guitar, Banjo – Jerry Man
    Mastered By – George Isaac
    Other [Model] – Tuca
    Producer – Rivers  (tracks: A2 To B3)
    Producer, Concept By – P. Ricks (tracks: A1, B4)
    Producer, Concept By, Percussion – Santiago "Sam" Malnati" (M. Smith)
    Saxophone – Richard Wee
    Synthesizer [Moog], Electric Piano – M. Casals
    Trumpet – Albert Lee
    Vocals – Binah Gipsy, Ed Byrnes, Sarah Blue

Tracklist :

A1     Disco Blood Part II
A2     Vamps Sex Theme
A3     Two Lady Vamps
B1     Dancin' Dancin'
B2     Going Home
B3     Oba Oba Macumba
B4     Disco Blood Part I

''Disco blood part I''

Style : Electronic disco,funk/soul

Password :  vampsdiscolp


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Wanted / Deseo # 3

* All albums or singles that are described in this list....are those that want to listen and sharing on you to both of blogs wich i administer personally, if you have some of these simple....contact me at : Jorgeluisgago@gmail.com 

* Todos los albunes o singles que se describen en esta lista...son las que deseo escuchár y compartir con vosotros para ambos blogs que adminístro personalmente,si usted tiene algunos de estos sencillos.... contácteme a : Jorgeluisgago@gmail.com

(Click on the following titles for more information)                    :
(Hága Click en los siguientes titulos para más información)

1)  Larry Page Orch. - skin heat 1978 Lp  Found!!!!

2)  Gap Mangione - Dancin' is makin' love 1979 Lp

3)  The Dezro Orchestra - Bright light / Soul nights Lp

4)  Average Disco band - Stranded in a latin disco 1978 Lp Found!!!

5)  John Ireland - Thinking aloud 1979 Lp  Found!!!

6)  Philadelphia Boys - D.I.S.C.O. 1979 Maxi (A + B)

7)  Missa Disco - Missa Disco 1979 Lp  Found!!!

8)  Wayne Newton - Night eagles 1 1979

9) Enrico Intra - Momento Intra 1979 Lp or singles

10) Abbe - Rainbows 1980 Lp Found!!!(Not of the 39 Mb this is other Ripp in 320 kbps)!!!

11) Craabs - Let's go dancing 1979 Maxi (A + B) Found!!!

12) Clay Carillon - Shimmy dancing 1979 Maxi (A + B)

13) Fernando Harkless - Disco train 1979 Maxi (A + B)  Found!!!

14) Retta Young - My man is on his away 1978 Maxi (A + B)  Found!!!(only track A)

15) Joe Kelly - Disco Man 1977 Maxi  Found!!!

16) The New Marketts - Step on it 1977 Lp Found!!!

17) J.M.T. Band - Just your love 1981 Maxi (A + B)

18) Zzongo - The Big bamboo 1977 Maxi (A + B)

19) Biddu Orchestra - Groovy kind of life 1976 Single (A + B)

20) Voices of Brasil - Voices of Brasil 1976 Lp

 Thank you very much for his atention
(Muchas Gracias por su atención)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Bay Ridge Band - Music From Saturday Night Fever 1978 Lp Complete


* Album full of covers very influenced in the movie ''Saturday night Fever'' except the track ''Disco Saturday Night'' a sweet and melodic song instrumental probably the best of the album and as always the theme ''More than a woman'' no matter in which versions finds her always be a beauty of the disco!,These selections are not part of the original motion picture score.

* A cortesy of our friend ''Carl'',thanks master!

Photography - Don Lee
Production - Springboard 

 Tracklist :

A1     How Deep Is Your Love
A2     Boogie Shoes
A3     Stayin' Alive
A4     Disco Inferno
A5     Bay Ridge Boogie
B1     You Should Be Dancin'
B2     More Than A Woman
B3     Jive Talkin'
B4     Disco Saturday Night

''Disco Saturday Night'' 

''More than a woman'' 

Style : Disco,Funk/Soul,Pop

Password :  bayridgedisco


Thursday, August 28, 2014

James Last And Rolling Trinity - James Last And The Rolling Trinity 1979 Lp Complete


* Unexpected album of the german ''James Last'' very different from all his records with instrumental theme/Covers ,in my opinion .... I would describe this album as fusion between the style of ''Sheila & B. devotion'' and the album ''Night flight(Vocal Version)'' by Lalo Schifrin, if it comes to arrangements and the way it is interpreted vocally,because there you published it on the other blog ''Disco-Orchestral''?....because i do not see which is convenient, it's much more electronic and obscure for my....if we talk about of the cover from album.....simply not going with the musical content,that is typical in some lp's

*  Inesperado álbum del alemán ''James Last'' muy distinto a todos sus registros con temas y covers instrumentales,en mi opinión.... describiría este álbum como una fusión entre el estilo de ''Sheila B. Devotion'' y el álbum de ''Night flight'' por ''Lalo Schifrin'' si se trata de los arreglos y la forma en que se interpretada vocalmente,¿porque no lo publicaste en el otro blog ''Disco-Orchestral''?....porque no veo que sea conveniente ya que es mucho mas electronico y oscuro para mi....y si hablamos acerca del cover del álbum....simplemente no vá con el contenido musical y eso es típico en algunos lp's.

    Engineer – Peter Klemt
    Producer, Arranged By – James Last

    Vocals - The Rolling Trinity(Uncredited/Sin Acreditar)

 Tracklist :

A1     Long Long Ago
A2     Old McDonald
A3     Jenny Jones
A4     One More Chance
A5     Dance Children Dance
B1     Hey All You Boys And All You Girls
B2     (Better Watch Out) - The Booman
B3     Billy Boy
B4     The Spider And The Fly
B5     Do You Know How Many Stars

''One more chance'' 

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/soul,pop

Password :  rollingtrinitylp79


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mellrose - Mellrose 1980 Lp complete



A jewel of disco of the early 80's ...except those tracks ''Don't Want Start Again'' & ''One Day Each Day'' was launched in 1979,written by the brothers ''Francfort'' and the participation of the compose/singer ''Sheryl Komisar'' aka ''Cher Komisar''also  known for his Obscure disco song ''Romantic Lover'' together with ''Pierre Bachelet''....
    Arranged By – Jean-Francois Boudinou (tracks: A2, A3, B2, B3)
    Arranged By, Written-By – Alex Francfort (tracks: A1, B1), Paul Francfort (tracks: A1, B1)

    Artwork By [Art], Concept By – Leonard Bernhardt
    Engineer – Joan Brand, Max Waldberg, Neld Ruecco
    Engineer [Assistant] – Peter Kamlish
    Producer – Christopher Talbot, Stuart Lehman
    Written-By – Christopher Talbot (tracks: A3), Jane Boudinou (tracks: A2, A3, B2, B3), Sheryl Komisar (tracks: A2, B2, B3)

Tracklist :

A1     Don't Want Start Again
A2     Making Love On The Night Wire
A3     Sun Reggae
B1     One Day Each Day    
B2     Once In A Smile
B3     Grasy Sue

''Don't want start again'' 

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/soul

Password : mellroselp1980