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* Blog dedicado a la musica disco de los 70's y 80's... Exclusivamente del Estilo/Género : Electronic Disco/Disco Funk Soul/Disco International/Cosmic Disco y otros géneros más.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Harlequin - Harlequin 1978 Lp complete



* Disco International

Published By – April Music AB
Producer – Jan Askelind

Tracklist :

A1 Let Love Find You There
A2 Candle Of Love
A3 We Can't Go Back (The Way We Came)
A4 Oui, Mon Amour
A5 Harlequin
A6 Colombine
B1 Fantasia, Allegro Con Eljas
B2 Hey, What Is Your Name
B3 Geronimo
B4 Maria Rosa
B5 I'm Losing Again
B6 I Cruise Around

''Oui,Mon amour''

''Fantasia,Allegro con Eljas(Instrumental)''

Style : Electronic Disco,Pop,Schlager

Password :  harlekinl78


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Stewart-Thomas Group - To Freak Or Not To Freak 1979 Maxi


Producer – Marvell Thomas, Randy Stewart
Written-By – Marvell Thomas, Randy Stewart (Track A)
Written-By – J. Leslie McFarland, Luther Ingram (Track B)

Tracklist :

A To Freak Or Not To Freak

B My Honey And Me

Style : Disco,Funk/soul


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Roxy aka Roxy Robinson - Out Of My Life / Good For Me 1979 Maxi


Producer - Lester Freeman

Tracklist :

A Out Of My Life

Written - Roxy Robinson

B Good For Me

Written - Chuck Roland

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/soul


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Flower - Lo mejor de Flower 1995



Bass – Harold Fisher, Vinnie Fay
Compilation Producer – Paul Klein
Drums – Eric Roberts, Grant McAvoy
Engineer – Bob Hughes, Ed Barton, Fred Galletti, Gene Leone
Executive Producer – David Chackler & Stuart Alan Love
Guitar – Bobby Eli, Craig Snyder, Kathleen Dyson, Ronnie James
Keyboards – Richie Rome, Slim Williams
Photography By – Frank Lafitte, Jay Silverman
Producer – Bobby Eli (tracks: 5, 6), Joe LaGreca (tracks: 7 to 12), Philip Renaux, Richie Rome (tracks: 1 to 4)
Strings, Horns – Don Renaldo, Hence Powell

Tracklist :

1 Midnight Dancing
2 Classical Love
3 Our Never Ending Love
4 How
5 Strike While Iron Is Hot
6 I'm No Lady
7 Are You Mad Enough
8 New York
9 Need Your Love
10 Someone Special
11 Take Another Chance
12 Watcha Keep In Your Heart*

''Classical Love (Edit)''

Style : Disco,Funk/soul

Password :  flowerlo-mejor

Not for sale...for now

Friday, October 24, 2014

Peter Jacques Band - One Decade Of PJB Megamixes 1988 Maxi



Featuring – Luther Vandross
Keyboards [Additional] – Michiel Van Der Kuy
Mixed By – Peter Vriends
Music By [Played] – Goody Music Orchestra
Producer – Jacques Fred Petrus, Mauro Malavasi

Tracklist :

The Slowtracks (103 BPM)

A1.a Going Dancin' Down The Street
A1.b Let's Go
A1.c Mexico
A1.d The Louder
A1.e Mighty Fine
A1.f Going Dancin' Down The Street
A1.g This Night
A1.h Going Dancin' Down The Street

The Midtempo Tracks (130 BPM)

B1.a Welcome Back
B1.b Exotically
B1.c Counting On Love
B1.d Is It It
The Uptempo Tracks (136 BPM)

B2.a Welcome Back
B2.b Fly With The Wind
B2.c Fire Night Dance
B2.d Walkin' On The Music

''The Uptempo Tracks''

Style : Electronic Disco

Password :   peterjacques88


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Golden Reunion - Annie / Brain 1977


* A production of the duo  ''La Bionda'' considered as the inventors of Italian disco music,''Annie'' nice track accompanied by the sound of the guitar country style,the song is of short duration so it I extended a little,''Brain'' terrorific Cosmic Disco intrumental for obscure sessions.

Producer,Written - A. & C. La Bionda

Tracklist :

A Annie (extended)

B Brain

Style : Electronic Disco


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hot R.S. - House of the rising sun 1977 / Forbidden fruit 1978 / Heads of tails 1980



*  Hot R.S is a south-african disco assemblage active in the late 70's,''Hot R.S. stands for ''House Of The Rising Sun'',recorded only three albums,centred around the key producers Dan Hill and Kevin Kruger plus some session musicians like singer René Veldsman, guitarist Trevor Rabin, keyboardist Duncan Mackay and drummer Cedric Samson.

*  * Published for those unaware of this group

Arranged By – Dan Hill, Kevin Kruger
Engineer – Hennie Hartmann
Producer – Kevin Kruger

Tracklist (House of the rising sun) :

A House Of The Rising Sun
B1 Slow Blow
B2 Delta Queen

Tracklist (Forbidden Fruit) : 

A1 In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Act I)
A2 The Garden Of Eden
A3 In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Act II)
B1 Temptation
B2 Adam's Apple
B3 Snake Dance

Tracklist (Heads or tails) :

A1 Money
A2 With Plenty Of Money And You
A3 Doublecross
B1 Money Runner
B2 Money Baby
B3 Heads Or Tails

''Snake dance''

Style : Electronic Disco

Password :  hotrs__77_78_80