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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dee Dee - Loving You 1978 Lp Complete



*  Único álbum con sonido disco interpretada por la cantante ''Anna Dekkers'' alias ''Dee Dee''

Arranged By – Cor Willems, Jacques Zwart, Kid v. Ettinger
Mastered By – Hans Nouse
Musician – Cor Willems, Jacques Zwart, Kid van Ettinger
Photography By [& Styling] – Clouds Studios
Producer – Jacques Zwart
Recorded By, Engineer – Frans Peters

Tracklist :

A1 I Put A Spell On You
A2 Hold Me
A3 Loving You
A4 Do Your Loving Right

B1 Give Me Something
B2 I'll Never Let You Down
B3 I Who Have Nothing

''I Put a spell on you''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Michael Stone - Bravo New York!! 1979



*  Recorded at Blue Rock Studios New York and RAK Studios London for Torres Sound.

Producer, Arranged By, Written-By – Fernando Arbex

Tracklist :

A Bravo New York!!

B Bravo New York!! (Instrumental)

''Bravo New York''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul


Friday, June 26, 2015

Venus Dodson - Night Rider 1979 Lp Complete



Art Direction, Design – Greg Porto
Backing Vocals [Background Vocalists] – Bruni Pagan, Carol Sylvin, Clarence Burke, Crystal Davis, Leroy Burgess, Ruderial Blackwell, Stuart Bascombe, Venus Dodson

Bass – Norbert Sloley
Contractor [String And Brass Contractor] – Jeff Delinko
Coordinator [Album Coordination] – Bob Siegel, Ray Caviano
Drums – Richard Taninbaum
Engineer [Assistant Engineer] – Robin Martinez
Engineer [Recording Engineers] – Ralph Moss, Randy Bean, Tim Benedict
Executive-Producer – Leonard J. Goldberg
Guitar – Ken Mazur, Stan Lucas
Illustration [Photo Illustration] – Eric Stephen Jacobs
Keyboards – Leroy Burgess, Patrick Adams
Other [Clothes Design] – Akuté
Percussion – John Cooksey, Michael Lewis
Programmed By [Synthesizer - Programmed By] – Bo Tomlin

Tracklist :

A1 It's My Turn
A2 Shining

B1 Night Rider
B2 Where Are We Headed
B3 He Said, She Said

''Night rider''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul


Monday, June 22, 2015

Crystal Grass With Kristi Barton - Love Train 1978 Lp Complete



Arranged By, Conductor – Karl Heinz Schäfer
Concept By [Album Concept] – Suzie Hallyday
Lead Vocals – Kristi Barton
Mastered By [Master Cut Cidis] – Andre Perriat
Photography By – Jacques Aubert
Producer – Lee Hallyday
Recorded By [Backing Vocals] – Chris Stone
Recorded By, Mixed By – Didier Pitois, Dominique Poncet

Tracklist :

A1.1    Overture To Love Train
A1.2  Foggy Day
A1.3  Arrivedercci Roma
A1.4  Never On Sunday

A2     Believe In Magic
A3            Love Train Theme
A4     What Now My Love "Et Maintenant"

B1     Love Train To Greece (Instrumental)
B2     Never On Sunday

B3.1  Hot Love In Spain
B3.2  Porompompero

B4.1  Love Train To Italy (Instrumental)
B4.2  Torna Sorrento

B5     Arrivedercci Roma

''Hot Love In Spain / Porompompero (My Video)''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cosmic Gal - Keep On Moving 1979 Album Complete



* Most songs are English language disco-styled with some covers of Japanese hits of the 60s and 70s,''Space Fever'' & ''Moon Dream'' were originally released on CBS Germany as an A side and B side of a 7" single under name ''Skyline'',''Moon Dream'' is an instrumental version of ''Dance With Me'' by Chilly.   

Arranged - Bernt Möhrle,Michael Cretu
Producer – Bernt Möhrle, Jean Frankfurter, RMP Musikproduktion
Written-By – Bernt Möhrle (tracks: A3, B3), Bert T. (tracks: A1, B4), Fred Schreier (tracks: A5, B5), Patty Unyin (tracks: A3, B3),Shunichi Tokura (tracks: A2, A4, B1), Yoko Narahashi (tracks: A2, A4, B1), Yu Aku (tracks: A2, A4, B1)

Tracklist :

A1 Keep On Moving
A2 Sindbad
A3 You're So Good
A4 Sergeant Pepper
A5 Space Fever

B1 Wanted
B2 You Are A Teaser
B3 Rock Roll Dancing Night
B4 Welcome To My House
B5 Moon Dream

Bonus Tracks

1)   Please Mr. Postman  
2)   Heat me up  
3)   Vacation 
4)   Hang on fool  

''Space Fever''

Style : Electronic Disco,Pop


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Moon Birds - Cosmos N° 1 1977 / Energy-MC1 - Astro "9" 1978 Lp Complete



Arranged By, Composed By – Roger Davy
Artwork [Front Cover] – Mike O'Brien
Photography By – Léo Aarons
Producer – Charles Algarra,Gilbert Chemouny(Cooperman), Humbert Petrucci (Goldera / Ibach)

Written-By – Gilbert Chemouny (Cooperman),Mat Camison (Mike Wickfield),Albert Assayaq, Algarra, Humbert Petrucci (Goldera / Ibach),Roger Davy

Tracklist Cosmos Nº 1 :

A1   Cosmos Nº 1
A2   Fly In The Night
A3   Safari Rock 1
A4   Safari Rock 2
A5   Interlude
A6   Daddy Music

B1   Cristal Nº 3B2
B2      Baby Moon
B3   It's America 1
B4   It's America 2
B5   Cyprus
B6   Silver Moon

Tracklist Energy-MC1 / Astro 9 :

A1   Astro "9"
A2   Energy-MC1
A3   Nébuleuse
A4   Parsec
A5   Stratosphère

B1   Astéroïde B 612
B2   Psychozoa
B3   Call Back
B4   Net Work
B5   Supernova

''It's America Part 1''

''Astro 9''

Style : Electronic Disco,Synth-Pop,Instrumental

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Chrisland - Angela, Angel 1977 Maxi



Arranged By – Don Ray
Composed By, Producer – Chrisland
Engineer – Linsey Mike, Patrick Chevalot
Engineer [Assistant] – Yves Coali
Engineer [Mixdown] – Rene Ameline
Photography By – Jack Touroute

Tracklist :

A Angela, Angel
Written-By – Pamela Forest

B1 Blue Is My Ballon
Written-By – Nancy Farnsworth

B2 Marie Jane
Written-By – Pamela Forest


Style : Electronic Disco


Friday, June 5, 2015

Twiggy - Heaven In My Eyes - Discotheque 1979 / 2007



* Álbum de 1979 aproximadamente no llegó a tener una fecha de lanzamiento y quedó en total misterio en esos años, a pesar que la actriz y  modelo ya había grabado anteriormente otros albunes de sonido pop,la intención del álbum no éra de lograr un registro de Discoteca si no un poco más variado aunque sea producido por Donna Summer no quiere decir que ténga el mismo estilo,gracias a ''Sepia records'' que nos trae de regreso un olvidado album con 4 remixes del Dj Autraliano ''Outpsider'',júzguen por ustedes mismos...

Producer – Donna Summer, Juergen Koppers
Remastered By – Juergen Koppers

Tracklist :

1 You've Been Lying
2 Dorothy
3 Angels Never Sleep At Night
4 Sugar Daddy
5 Lover Boy
6 Carries On
7 Heaven In My Eyes
8 My Baby Don't Call Me Baby

Twiggy vs. the OUTpsiDER. The Remixes.

9 Heaven In My Eyes 2007
10 Angels Never Sleep At Night 2007
11 My Baby Don't Call Me Baby 2007
12 U Bin Lyin' 2007

''My baby don't call me baby''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul,Pop/Rock,Ballad


Thursday, June 4, 2015

New Links / Nuevos Enlaces

*   I want to inform you that has restored all links in the blog since the first publication,also has been uploaded new files of little singles and Maxis singles for certain publications,to obtain audio of ''Goear'' just contact me to my email :  Jorgeluisgago@gmail.com

*  Quiero informales que se ha restaurado todos los enlaces del blog desde la primera publicación,también se ha subido nuevos archivos de  pequeños singles y maxis singles para determinadas publicaciones,para obtener el audio de ''Goear'' solo contacteme a mi correo electronico : Jorgeluisgago@gmail.com

Enjoy it / Disfrútelo

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Jay Alanski - Tendre Est La Nuit 1979 Lp Complete



* En los arreglos el pianista y compositor Francés ''Jean-Luc Drion'' para agregar un poco de sonido disco a algunos temas,el hombre que trabajó en junto a (Polaris, Chocolat's, Claudia Cardinale, Christian Adam, Alain Delorme,French Champagne,Night Force,Francis Goya),también tenemos a su disposición el maxi single titulado ''Disco-action'' si desea más música de ''Jean-Luc Drion''.

Adapted By – Jay Alanski (tracks: A4)
Arranged By – Jean-Luc Drion
Producer – Lou Deprijck
Written-By – Jay Alanski (tracks: A1 to A3, B1 to B5)

Tracklist :

A1 Les Malheurs De Sophie
A2 Amoureux D'Elle
A3 Dandy
A4 La La La ... Je T'Aime
B1 Une Aventure Avec Toi (Ce Soir)
B2 Dorothée
B3 Bar Américan
B4 Me Trouver Une Fille (Rock 'N' Roll)
B5 Geraldine (Tendre Est La Nuit)

''Geraldine (Tendre Est La Nuit)''

Style : Disco,Funk/Soul,Pop/Rock,Chanson

Password :  alaski79


Monday, June 1, 2015

Various - Disco Delicious Vol. 5


*   12 canciones elegidas al azar,algunas de pequeños singles con un solo Disco track,otras con la misma cancion en ambos lados y alguna de ellas extraídas de otras compilaciones,sumergete en este curioso volumen probando cada tema y encontrar el que más sea de tu agrado.

*   12 songs selected at random,some small singles with only one Disco track,some with the same song on both sides and some of them extracted from other compilations,immerse yourself in this curious volume testing each tune and find the one that more is of your liking.

Selection By Jorge Gago
Collaborator - Carl


1)   Abbe Lane - Sobrevivire(I will Survive)  1980 Spanish version   
2)   Bolland And Bolland - Hold on  1978 
3)   Chosen Few - Boogie Army  1979 12''
4)   Claudia Polley - Time  1979 
5)   Jerline & Friends - Disco Boogie Mama  1976 
6)   K.I.C. - You Don't Want My Love  1979 12'' 
7)   Kramer & Jet Music Band - I cannont stop  1977 
8)   Nick Jackson - You turn me on  1978 
9)   Sam Jam - Dance and chant   1979 12''  
10) Tony Bizarro - Agradeco amor(I could dance all night)  1978    
11) Trinita - Do the rock  1979 
12) Tyrone Ashley - Looks like love is here to stay  1977 12''  

Style / Genre : Electronic Disco Funk/Soul,Disco Funk/Soul

Password :  /delvol5/

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