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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Moleskine - Moleskine 1979 Lp complete



* A courtesy of ''DJ FLASH BACK BRASIL'',

    Arranged By – Dominique Widiez, Pierre Clavenad
    Choir – Arthur Simms, Lavelle Duggan
    Concept By [Album Cover] – Bernard Monié
    Drums – Laurent Marino
    Horns – Alex Perdiguon, Brenes Bayardo, Jacques Bessot, Serge Roux

    Keyboards, Synthesizer – Dominique Widiez
    Percussion – Clément Bailly
    Photography By – Pascal Carqueville
    Producer, Production Manager, Guitar – Pierre Clavenad
    Tape Op – Claude Chierici
    Voice – Pascal Richard, Pierre Clavenad
    Written-By – Dominique Widiez (tracks: A4), Felix Landau (tracks: A1 to A3, B1 to B3), Pierre Clavenad (tracks: A1 to A3, B1 to B3)

   Tracklist :

A1         Sunny Day
A2         A New Man 
A3         Camel Break Down
A4         Hurry 
B1         Wanna Be A Gogo Dancer 
B2         Me And My Guitar
B3         Doctor I Gotta Have Music

''Doctor i gotta have music''

Style : Electronic Disco,funk/Soul

Password : julio


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Montreal Sound - Music 1977 Maxi




* Una cortesía de mi amigo ''Felix Gomez''

   Mastered By – Bill Kipper
   Producer – Gerry Bribosia
   Written-By – Gerry Bribosia, Jerry De Villiers


Side A     :    Music (Very Special Disco Mix By PAJ)

Side B     :    Music (Original Version) 

''Montreal Sound - Music''

Style : Electronic Disco,funk/Soul

Password :  MoT_real_77


Friday, February 21, 2014

Rodrigue - Copa Cabana 1978 Maxi



Written By Barry Manillow,C. Amesse
Arranged By Denis Lepage
Produced By Pat Desirio

Tracklist :

A Copa Cabana

B Copa Cabana (Version Instrumentale)

''Copa Cabana (Instrumental)''

Style : Disco,funk/soul,Orchestral

Password :   rodri-copa


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Engine - Fire! (Disco version) 1979


* Disco Version of the classic psychedelic rock of 1968 written by Arthur Brown ,but this time played by the ''Group Engine'',about of the vocalist not know anything information on the internet,the b side found the theme ''Sold my soul' that not is more than an rock ballad and does not go with the blog,you want to listen out of curiosity ,you buy the single.

* WAV format? contact me to : jorgeluisgago@gmail.com

 Arranged By – Michael Cretu
 Written-By – Arthur Brown, Vincent Crane

''Fire(Disco Version)''

Style : Electronic disco


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Decoupage - Puerto rico 1982 Maxi



* Excelente ''Latin Disco funk'' de a comienzos de los años 80's muy conocido y coleccionable,me quédo con la version instrumental que es una de mis canciones privilegiadas en el mundo de la DISCO!

* Una Cortesía de mi amigo ''Felix G.''

    Arranged By, Producer – Tony Swain & Steve Jolley
    Written-By – Steve Jolley / Tony Swain

Tracklist :

A     Puerto Rico

B     Puerto Rico (Instrumental)

''Puerto Rico (Instrumental) (My Video)''

Style : Electronic Disco,funk/Soul,Latin


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ben Richardson ‎– Sky Diver (Disco Mix) 1979 Maxi



    Producer – Drogueria Di Drugolo, Quelli Del Castello
    Written-By – Ronnie Jackson, Sandon


A     Sky Diver

B     Diver No. II

''Sky Diver''

Style : Electronic Disco/Italo-Disco


Sunday, February 9, 2014

D'llegance ‎– Share My Love / Midnight Ride 1979 Maxi



*  D'Llegance sung two records together and broke up. The lead singer of the group was only 17 years old at the time and now lives with her family in Niles, Michigan.

It was recorded in the spring of 1979 in Chicago, Il. I was told it made big in the UK, mostly it was a lack of air play why it didn't make it big in the U.S.

*  Format WAV? contact me to : Jorgeluisgago@gmail.com

    Arranged By – Fiachra Trench
    Producer – Ian Levine, Rick Gianatos

Tracklist :

A     Share My Love

Written-By – James Mendell 

B     Midnight Ride

Written-By – Ian Levine-Fiachra Trench 

''Share my love (My video)''

Style : Disco,funk/soul


D'llegance ‎– Chanson D'llegance 1982 Maxi


    Arranged By – Fiachra Trench
    Producer – Ian Levine, Rick Gianatos
    Written By – Ian Levine  

 Tracklist :

1)     Chanson D'llegance (Special Disco mix)

2)     Chanson D'llegance (Instrumental)

''Chanson D'llegance''

Style : Electronic Disco,funk/soul


Friday, February 7, 2014

Laurent Vaguener ‎– Israël Connection / Notre Vie C'est La Musique 1979



* ''Israël Connection'' just a wonderful piece of the Space-Disco or Nu-Disco different of the version of ''The Savers - Help me'' of 1977,the other issue is very different because it is more than a pop chanson in french,typical of the rare singles with one track brilliant.


A         Notre Vie C'est La Musique
 Arranged By – Gérard Salesses 
 Written-By – Barbelivien, Albertini, Baudlot, Paul de Senneville

B         Israël Connection

Lyrics By – P. de Senneville
Music By – Jean Baudlot, Olivier Toussaint

''Israël Connection (My Video)''

Style : Electronic Disco,Pop Chanson


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hot Sauce - Baby tenderness 1979 Lp Complete



This Lp is the same to which was published in 1977 under the same name of the group ''Hot Sauce'' what makes it different of this album  is that there are 2 tracks ''Baby Tenderness'' & ''You want'' single of 1978 which was added.

Written By Fireball Group
Produced by Carissima 

Tracklist  :

A1         Baby Tenderness
A2         May Be
A3         Funky Train
A4         Conga
A5         Hot Sauce
A6         Make Me Love You More
B1         You Want
B2         America
B3         Kinky Sooky
B4         Puppett
B5         Vo Doo Dance
B6         Boys

''Hot Sauce''

Style : Electronic Disco,funk,soul

Password :  ht_sauc_79Lp


The Disco sound of Julio Iglesias (Compilation)


 * I take the freedom to do a post with songs from ''Julio Iglesias'' but disco sound since 1975 to 1982 extracted from several successive albums,''Love's theme'' is a beautiful that Julio interprets us with his great voice that reaches to have the level of ''Andy Williams'' if they heard also the cover he recorded in 1974 for ''Love's theme'',''Un dia tu,un dia yo'' song that Julio popularized in 1979 in all Latin America although it is a cover of ''Give me your love'' of the great ''Phil Trim''main voice of ''Top Pops'',''Si me dejas no vale'' spanish version of the great theme ''let's try once again'' of  ''Patrick Norman and Black Light Orchestra'' popular song in Latin America.

Selected By Jorge Gago


1)    Love's theme   1975
2)    Manha de Carnaval   1976
3)    Moliendo cafe   1976
4)    Si me dejas no vale ''Let's try once again''   1977
5)    Un dia tu,Un dia yo ''Give me your love''    1978
6)    Quiereme  ''Stranger in Paradise''  1978
7)    Souriez Madame  ''Con una pinta asi''  1979
8)    Morriñas  1980
9)    Volver a empezar  ''Begin the beguine''    1981
10)  Quijote     1981
11)  Amor        1982

''Love's theme''

''Un dia tu,un dia yo''

Style : Disco pop,latin

Password :  Julio_igl_disko

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Allyson With Sunshine - Dance With Me 1977 Maxi



* Dulce Disco track grabado en 1977 único sencillo con el mismo tema en ambos lados,para los usuarios interesados en formato WAV  solo contáctenme por correo electronico.

    Producer – Rod McQueen
    Written-By – Anne Michelle, John Mac Kenzie Burns

Tracklist :

A Dance With Me

B Dance With Me

''Dance With me (My Video)''

Style : Electronic disco,funk/Soul

Buy Vinyl :


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Grand Circuit - Roller Skate Symphony / Expert Lady 1979 Maxi



*  Actualizado / Updated

Writter - Baciotti,P. Forrest
Arranget -  Baciotti,R. Loubet
Produced - Yona Music


Side A  :      Roller skate symphony

Side B  :      Expert lady

Style : Electronic disco,Funk/Soul