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Friday, May 29, 2015

Match - Boogie Man / Walk Tall 1979 Maxi



Engineer – Ashley Howe
Mixed By – Mike Collier
Producer – Chris Rae, Frank McDonald

Tracklist :

A Boogie Man

B Walk Tall

''Walk Tall''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

C.D. Band - HooDoo VooDoo 1979 Lp Complete



*  A new Vinyl-Rip of my collection personal,this Lp is not rare and is very cheap of course,good arrangements by ''Hervé Roy''

Arranged By, Conductor – Herve Roy
Design – Gribbitt!, Murry Whiteman
Engineer – Jean Paul Missey, Jean Pierre Janiaud, Jemol Van Bay
Photography By – Dick Zimmerman
Producer – Patrick Boceno

Tracklist :

A1 Music Are You Ready
A2 Salsa Get Up And Dance
A3 Love Is Waiting

B1 HooDoo VooDoo
B2 Stop Knocking Up My Rocket
B3 Castle In The Sand
B4 C.D. Band

''HooDoo VooDoo''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul,Latin

Password :  cdband79


Monday, May 25, 2015

Shake - We've Got Love / Chavirer La France 1979 Lp Complete



*  Thanks to ''toripornot.blogspot'' for the album complete

Arranged By, Conductor - Tony Rallo,Ray Knehnetsky
Engineer – Bernard Estardy
Photography – G. Spitzer
Producer – Orlando

Tracklist :

A1 Chavirer La France
A2 L'Étranger Au Paradis (Stranger In Paradise)
A3 Soleil Aide-Moi
A4 C'Est Plus Facile A Deux
A5 Bébé Rock'N'Roller

B1 We've Got Love
B2 Trocadéro Bleu Citron
B3 Pour Un Train Qui Part
B4 Fort Et Magique
B5 La Vie En Fête

''We've got Love''

Style : Pop,Disco,Chanson


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sal Disco Orchestra - Un largo weekend / Chulo 1979



* Excelente Disco en español!  no se puede creer que este simple se haya producido en EEUU o será solo una edicion?,''Chulo'' es simplemente un energizante y oscuro ''Latin Disco'' en su totalidad,''Un largo weekend'' una canción lleno de fantasía y glamour  del estilo balada/disco como la version de ''Last dance'' de Donna Summer o ''This is my life'' de Shirley Bassey....raro y sabroso,el sonido se asemeja a la era dorada de la disco entre 1975 - 1976...

* Excellent Latin Disco in Spanish! Can not believe that has been produced this simple in the U.S. or will be just one edition?,''Chulo'' is simply an energizing and obscure ''Electronic Disco'' in his totally,''Un Largo weekend'' a song full of fantasy and glamor style ballad/Disco as the version of '' Last dance'' of Donna Summer'' or ''This is my life'' of Shirley Bassey....rare and tasty, the sound resembles the golden age of the disco between 1975 - 1976 ...

            Password?,Send me an email to                 :     Jorgeluisgago@gmail.com
(Contraseña? Envíame un correo Electronico a)

Produced,Arranged,Write By Julio Gutierrez


A      Un largo weekend

B      Chulo

''Un Largo weekend''

Style : Electronic Disco,Latin


Friday, May 22, 2015

Philip Chen & Time Five‎ and The Kung Fu Express - Dragon Lord (OST) 1982 Lp Demo



* Cambiamos un poco de ritmo musical con 3 soundtracks de la pelicula de artes marciales dirigida y escrita por el Sr. Jakie Chan en 1982 interpretada por ''Philip Chen'' junto a ''Time Five and The Kung Fu Express'' con unos pequeños toques de sonido disco,ésta pelicula  iba a ser una secuela de ''The Young Master'' y hasta tenía el nombre de ''Young Master in love'', hasta que fué cambiado a ''Dragon Lord''...no túvo mucha expectativa en ''Hong Kong'' / China pero fué todo un gran hit en Japón

Composed By – Kimio Mizutani (tracks: B6), Linda Hennrick(tracks: B6), Paul Dunlap (tracks: B1, B5), Paul Mesches (tracks: B4), Philip Chen (tracks: A1 to A6, B2, B3)

Writing & Arrangement - Philip Chen

Tracklist :

A1 Dragon Lord
A2 Main Theme
A3 Doughball Game
A4 Discovery Of Sexy
A5 Fight With Cowboy
A6 The Shuttle-Cock Game

B1 The Captain
B2 Let's Fly The Kite
B3 Discovery Of Sexy - Main Theme (Mixed Variations)
B4 Chase
B5 Fight With The Captain
B6 The Joker Went Wild

''Dragon Lord''

Style : Rock/Pop,Disco,Stage & Screen,Score


Thursday, May 21, 2015

David Boydell - City Music 1978 Lp Complete



* One-album british disco singer,the best tracks ''Tokyo'',''Red Light'',''Disco Dub'',''En Afrique'' and ''City music''

Design, Artwork By – Dobney Johnson Studios
Engineer – Andy (Stud) Pearce, John Burns, Richard Austen
Mastered By – T.
Photography By – Chris Grout-Smith
Producer – Colin H. Jennings, Steve O'Donnell

Tracklist :

A1 City Music
A2 Jet Lag
A3 Tokyo
A4 Hi, Hi, Hi, Use Your Body
A5 Red Light

B1 Dub Dancing
B2 En Afrique
B3 Disco Dub
B4 Handglider
B5 Dub Crazy

Bonus Tracks

1)    Disco Dub (Long Version)
2)    City Music (Long Version)

''Disco Dub''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul

Password : boydellllll  


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Steven Schlaks / Stephen Schlaks - Fantasy Girl 1976



 * ''Fantasy girl'' es una melodía fantástica con una orquestación bien elaborada,también está incluída en el Lp '' Dream With Steven Schlaks'' siéndo el únido ''Disco track'' del álbum

    Arranged By – Vince Tempera
    Written-By – Stephen Schlaks


A Fantasy Girl (Short Version)

B Fantasy Girl (Long Version)

''Fantasy Girl (Long version)''

Style : Disco,funk/Soul,Pop,Orchestral


Monday, May 18, 2015

Nicola Di Bari - La piu' Bella del mondo / La mas bella del mundo 1976


*  Known throughout Latin America and Europe, for their greatest hits from the early 70's' as example ''El cuore e uno Zingaro'',''La Prima cosa bella'',''Vagabondo'',''Zingara'',''Lisa de ojos azules''(I liked this song)'',''El ultimo romantico'' among other themes....in 1976 and 1977 recorded a single with a disco sound in two languages ''La piu' bella del Mondo''

Written-By – Marino Marini
Arranged By, Conductor – Shel Shapiro
Producer – Gianfranco Reverberi

Tracklist :

1)     La Piu' bella del mondo

2)     La Piu' Bella del nondo (Spanish Version)

''La Piu' Bella del mondo''

Style : Disco,pop


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Nazia Hassan - Disco Deewane (Disco Hindu) 1980 Lp Complete



* Born on April 3, 1965, in Pakistan, she spent her teenage years in London; released her first album, "Disco Deewane", in 1980, an album that became an instant hit with the title song reaching the top of the Pakistani charts. 

On August 13th, 2000 Nazia Hassan died of lung cancer in a London hospital at age 35

Drums – Charlie Morgan
Engineer – Richard Dodd
Guitar – Chris Rae
Guitar, Sitar [Electric] – Allan Parkar
Keyboards, Synthesizer [Yamaha] – Duncan Mackay
Leader, Keyboards, Synthesizer – Ann Dudley
Lyrics By – Anwar Khalid (tracks: A2, B4), Arshad Mehmood (tracks: A5), Meeraji (tracks: B3), Nigar Sebhai (tracks: B1), Hassans (tracks: A1, A3, A4, B2)

Music By – Biddu (tracks: A1 to A3, B4, B5), Zoheb Hassan(tracks: A4 to B3)

Producer, Directed By, Electronic Drums, Percussion – Biddu
Tabla – Chris Karan

Tracklist :

A1 Aao Na
A2 Disco Deewane Part I
A3 Lekin Mera Dil
A4 Mujhe Chahe
A5 Komal

B1 Tere Kadmon Ko
B2 Dil Mera
B3 Dhundhli Raat
B4 Gayen Milkar
B5 Disco Deewane Part II

Bonus Track : Disco Deewane (Long Version)

''Disco Deewane (Video Clip)''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul,Folk World & Country,Pop,Ballad


Rudy Marquez - Dancing and dancing (Disco) 1979


* Cantante venezolano que grabó en 1979 ''Dancing and dancing'' para la venta comercial en el mundo de la DISCO,''Dancing and dancing'' es una cancion que refleja el amor por la pista de baile y la pasion por la mujer,quizás el mejor track de todo el álbum en mi opinión...

'' Dancing and Dancing''

Style : Disco,funk/soul,latin


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Barbara Potts - Johnny Lover / Sad my love 1977 Maxi



*  Recorded in 1976 originally

Written-By – Barbara Potts, Jean-Pierre Massiera

Tracklist :

A Johnny Lover (Disco Mix)
Mixed By – The Canadian Record Pool

B Sad my love (Single 7'')

''Johnny Lover ''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul,Ballad,Pop

Password :  b_ar_ba_Ra


Monday, May 11, 2015

Rena Mason - Cherchez La Femme 1979 Lp Complete



Arranged By – Charly Ricanek
Engineer – Peter Lüdemann
Producer – Charly Ricanek

Tracklist :

A1 You Know I Need You So Bad
A2 Showdown
A3 Cherchez La Femme

B1 Don't Stop The Music
B2 Tell HimYou Love Him
B3 She Was A Lady
B4 Do It

Bonus track : Do it (Long Version)

''She was a lady''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul


Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Jeffrey Lake Group - You Really Need It 197? Lp Complete



*   Recorded in 1979 or 1980 no exact figure on the cover from Lp and also not data of arranger and producer,''Star Naked ''sensational ''Disco High tension'' perhaps the best in the album...you can find several similar albums to this style as ''Zebra,Kat Mandu,Fever,Hott City,Kikrokos,Frantique,Caprice,Bonnie Boyer,Citi,Gino Socio,etc''  but not will find this album in all network.

* Do you want in WAV Format?,contact me to : jorgeluisgago@gmail.com

Written - Jeffrey Lake (Track : A2),Leo Caerts / M. Deschryver (Track : B1)

Tracklist :  

A1 You Really Need It
A2 Give Me Your Sexy Body

B1 Stark Naked
B2 Disco Excitement

''Stark Naked''

Style : Electronic Disco

Password :  grupolago79


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Jo Bisso - Disco Queen / Mademoiselle 1978 Lp Complete



*  Una publicación para los usuarios que desconocen la existencia de este productor,''Play me'' el mejor track del álbum con una duración de 16 minutos,caliente y explícito como la anterior publicación acerca de ''Max-B'' y su ''Sex Revolution''

Arranged By – Jonathan Klein (tracks: A), Keith John Maynard (tracks: B1 to B3)

Vocals [Additional Vocals - Sexy Girl] – Marie Louise Chaubo (Tracks : A)

Performer [Musician] – Barbara Gilby, Berke Mc Kelvey, Bob Stoloff, Elisabeth Field, Irene Quirmbach, Jeff Conrad , Jeffrey Anderson, Jimmy Anderson, Jonathan Klein, Michael Romanul, Michael Woodworm, Mike Peipman, Mitsuyo Akino, Neville Grenfell, Pam Geanelis, Pamela Wood Fraley, Peter Gordon, Sa Davis, Sharan Leventhal, Steve Shrell, Tim Landis

Mixed By – Dominique Do Espirito Santo
Photography – G. Nicolai
Producer, Written-By – Jo Bisso

Tracklist :

A1  Play Me(Suite) 16:06

Aa Desires
Ab I Wanna Love
Ac You Are Loving Me
Ad Burning

B1 I Wanna Dance
B2 Love Beat
B3 If You Should Leave Me

''Play me (Suite)''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul

Password :  bisso_international


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Max-B - Sex Revolution 1978 Lp Complete



*  Temblad Hembras!..vamos con una álbum explícito y caliente del francés ''Max-Henri Boulois'' autor del afro hit ''Bananaticoco'' del '72,escuchád y descubríd el ritmo y significado de cada canción...

Producer - Max-Henri Boulois

Tracklist :

A1 Sex Revolution
A2 Super Bwana

B1 Jungle
B2 Bembe
B3 Possesion
B4 Susy Blues

''Sex Revolution (Melodiesmagic edit)''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul,Afro Beat,Psychedelic

Password :  themoreno_max


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Various - Disco Delicious Vol. 4


*  Como siempre canciones raras y comunes de la era Disco para el 4to volumen,no voy a describir las canciones que hay en ella,mas bien...sacia tu curiosidad!

**  As always rare and common songs of the disco era to the 4th volume, I will not describe the songs that is in it,rather... satiates your curiosity!

Selected by Jorge Gago


1)     Arthur King - Fear  1979
2)     Cappuccino - get down  1979
3)     Gemini(Brazil) - Dance comigo  1978
4)     Irina - I want your body  1978
5)     Jenny Nevasco - crazy music  1977
6)     La P'tite Fred - Stormy Love Affair  1982
7)     Magnifique - Magnifique(Part 1)  1979
8)     Malo - Lady i love  1981 
9)     Mr. Lo - African Drums  1980
10)   Olive Gallagher - Morning music  1979 
11)   Patty Pravo - New York  1979
12)   Resonance - Go,go,go  1976

Style/Genre : Electronic Disco,Electronic Disco Funk/Soul

Password  : D_deli_numero4

*  Comentar...es dar las gracias por la dedicación!
   (* Comment ... is to thank for the dedication!)

Friday, May 1, 2015

Venise - The Best Disco In The City 1978 Lp complete



*  France-based disco singer,recorded two quite rare today late 70's albums,highlights include "The Mistery With Me", "Feelings Of Love" and "My Man",Great album perfect for the blog,next album very soon ''The Body Trip'' 1979.

Mixed By – Dominique Do Espirito Santo
Mixed By [Assisted By] – Jean Pierre Martin
Performer – Barbara Gilby, Berke Mc Kelvey, Bob Stoloff, Elisabeth Field, Irene Quirmbach, Jeff Conrad, Jeffrey Anderson, Jimmy Anderson, Jonathan Klein, Michael Romanul, Michael Woodworm, Mike Peipman, Mitsuyo Akino, Neville Grenfell, Pam Geanelis, Peter Gordon , Sa Davis, Sharan Leventhal, Steve Shrell, Tim Landis

Photography By – Carlos Bringas, Gerard Nicolaï
Producer – Jo Bisso
Recorded By – Bob Schott
Vocals – Linda Henderson, Sharon Criswell, Venise
Vocals [Extra] – Pamela Wood Fraley

Tracklist  :

A1 Love Is The Real Thing
A2 My Man

B1 If You Believe
B2 The Mistery With Me
B3 Don't Think About It

''The Mistery with me''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul