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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Buffalo Featuring Peter Vee - Magic Carpet Ride 1979 Lp Complete



*  Una cortesía de ''Manuel lozano'',gracias master!

Engineer – Glen Pearce
Other [Disco Consultant] – Julian Cohen
Photography By – Jonathan Massie-Taylor
Producer, Arranged By – Malcolm Watson
Producer, Concept By – Peter Vee

Tracklist :

A1 Hey! Big Brother

A2 Jumping Jack Flash (Medley)
A2.a Jumping Jack Flash
A2.b All Right Now
A2.c Birthday

A3 All Along The Watchtower

B1 Magic Carpet Ride
B2 The Game Of Love
B3 Let's Work Together

B4 Black Night (Medley)
B4.a Black Night
B4.b Smoke On The Water

''All Along The Watchtower''

Style : Electronic Disco,Rock

Password :  bufalo1979


Sunday, February 22, 2015

African Magic Combo - La Chica 1981 Lp Complete


*  The Track 'Bon L'amour' is instrumental version of  ''L'Amour C'est Bon'' from Jean Pierre Massiera's project ''FRIENDS (1979)''. 
Naceur Mekkaoui and Guy Battarel also took part in Massiera's THE VISITORS (1981).
Arranged By – Jean Pierre Massierra
Arranged By, Guitar – Bernard Torelli
Bass – Naceur Mekkaoui
Choir – Gail, Gérard Layani, Jerry
Drums – P. D'espagne
Percussion – Emmanuel Roche
Synthesizer [Polymoog] – Guy Battarel

Tracklist :

A1 La Chica
A2 Invite Ta Copine
A3 D'accord D'accord
A4 Bon L'Amour
A5 Tropicana
B1 Papagayo
B2 Si J'avance Toi Tu Recules Comment Veux-Tu ...

Medley  : 

B3.a Papagayo
B3.b Tropicana
B3.c Si J'avance Toi Tu Recules Comment Veux-Tu ...
B3.d Bon L'Amour
B3.e D'accord D'accord
B3.f Invite Ta Copine
B3.g La Chica

''La Chica''

''Bon L'Amour''

Style : Latin,Disco Funk/Soul,Pop

Password :  magic_combou


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ole - Super Disco Tube - Olé 1978 Lp Complete


*  ''From Space to spain'' una maravillosa joya considerada todo un ''Space Disco'' que hace que este álbum valga la pena y claro...el famoso popurri de los 70's...''Disco Flamenco''

*  Un cortesía de ''Felix Gomez'',gracias amigo!.

Actualizado / Updated

Arranged By – Jacky Arconte
Engineer – Gabriel Nahas
Performer – Denis Hekimian, Frédéric Grenier, Jacky Arconte
Producer – Claude Rousseau

A1         Disco Flamenco (Versión Larga)        
A2         Mi Corazón        
A3         Regresso   

B1         From Space To Spain ("Desde El Espacio A España")        
B2         Pepe "El Progre"        
B3         ¡Ay! Qué Bueno

''From Space to Spain''

Style : Electronic Disco,Pop,Latin,Flamenco

Password :  Ole_disko


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Scarlett - Take My Heart And Run / Everyone's A Killer 1978



*  The 7'' and 12'' Contain the same length, exists video clip of the track ''Take my heart and run'' on youtube a beautiful theme of 1978

** WAV trades via email : jorgeluisgago@gmail.com

Arranged - Michel Bernholc
Producer - Paul Lederman

Tracklist :

A Take My Heart And Run

B   Everyone's A Killer

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Taka Boom - Taka Boom 1979 Lp Complete



*  Mi ''Vinyl-Rip'' personal en 320 kbps,de pasada le dí una chequeada a mis vinilos que acumulan polvo en el estante,flojamente estúve extrayendo uno o 2 tracks por cada vinilo pero iré grabando completamente en el transcurso de las semanas dependiendo de mi tiempo por supuesto....también quiero informarles que ésta publicación es para los usuarios que no tienen la posibilidad de hacer una grabacion digital de buena calidad asi que les evíto gastar dinero en ''itunes'' por un copia en mp3 aunque no hay por el momento una Edicion en Cd de este album,disfrútelo!

Backing Vocals – Anita Anderson, Chaka Khan, Sissy Peoples
Backing Vocals, Bass – Mark Stevens
Bass – Billy Haines, Reggie McBride
Drums – Don Hagen, Norman Fearrington, Peter Hoorelbeke
Engineer – Bill Drescher
Executive-Producer – Tim O'Brien
Guitar – Elaine Mayo, Lenny Macaluso, Paul Marshall, Ray Monette
Horns – Doug Norwine, Mark Hatch
Keyboards – Check O'Steen, Mark Olson, Richard Middleton, Ronnie Rainifer
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Taka Boom
Mastered By – Jeff Sanders
Percussion – Louis Palomo, Oliver C. Brown
Producer – John Ryan (tracks: A1 to B3), Taka Boom (tracks: B4)
Saxophone – Gary Bartz
Synthesizer – Gabriel Katona
Synthesizer, Horns – Richard Gibbs


A1 Night Dancin'
A2 Anything You Want
A3 Dance Baby Dance
A4 Troubled Waters
B1 Red Hot
B2 You're My Everything
B3 Dance Like You Do At Home
B4 Cloud Dancer

''Night Dancin'''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul,Ballad

Password :  Boom_boom


Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Wonder Band - Stairway To Love 1979 Lp Complete



*  Led by the joined forces of three disco producers, Armando Noriega, Israel Sanchez and Silvio Tancredi. 

The concept of the album was mainly the discofication of Led Zeppelin classics.

Producer – Armando Noriega, Israel Sanchez, Silvio Tancredi
Written-By – Israel Sanchez (tracks: B1a, B1b, B1c, B1d), Phil Anastasi (tracks: B1a, B1b, B1c, B1d), Silvio Tancredi (tracks: B1a, B1b, B1c, B1d)

Tracklist :

Stairway to heaven Medley  

A1a Intro : Stairway To Heaven
A1b Stairway To Heaven
A1c Stairway To Love
A1d Whole Lotta Love
A1e Finale : Stairway To Heaven

Wonderful Medley

B1a Wonder Dance
B1b Wonder Love
B1c Wonder Man (Wonder Woman)
B1d Finale

B2 The Wonder

''Stairway to heaven Medley''

Style : Disco,Funk/Soul

Password :   wonder_band79


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

T.J.M. - TJM 1979 Lp Complete



*    A very interesting fact that I found in the web :

''A classic disco album with some very enduring tracks, this is a project effectively split between Boston and Philadelphia. Apparently, Tom Moulton was being courted by Neil Bogart at the Casablanca label to release something under his own name, despite the fact that he was not a producer nor conductor. This album started as a slew of unfinished Boston disco productions by Arthur Baker and many of the local crew he worked with (Wedgeworth, Gholson, Carbone, Presto-- the last two were involved with North End with Baker). These productions were purchased for Moulton to finish later at the famed Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia. Under Moulton these were finished with some of the in-house Philly International players adding to the tracks. Interestingly Baker was not credited as a producer, but Moulton was, despite this the record shows a strong Boston imprint from the credits. With a house remix and several modern reissues, you can see that this project, for however complicated the backstory, yielded significant results.''

 Album within reach of everyone,there is a vinyl rip prowling across the web but with incomplete songs,this would be the perfect post,enjoy it or buy the CD Expanded Edition with his Bonus Tracks

Arranged By – Evan Solot, Jonathan Klein, Terry Gholson
Arranged By, Producer [Uncredited] – Arthur Baker
Bass – Jeff Anderson, Jimmy Williams
Conductor – Evan Solot
Drums – Bob Stoloff, Keith Benson
Guitar – Andrei Carriere, Jim Anderson
Keyboards – Jonathan Klein, Rollins Ross, Terry Gholson, Tony Carbone
Percussion – Russell Presto, Sa Davis
Producer – Tom Moulton
Vocals – The Brotherhood

Tracklist :

A1 I Don't Need No Music            9:47

A2 Put Yourself In My Place        9:18
B1 Small Circle Of Friends          11:13 
B2 Am I Dreaming                        8:15

''Put yourself in my place (Melodiesmagic Edit)''

Style : Disco,Funk/Soul

Password : tom_jerome


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Kim Harlow - Who's On The Line / Allo Reseau 1978 Maxi



Arranged By – Slim Pezin
Producer – Babette Jones

Tracklist :

A Who's On The Line
Written-By – D.J. Michaels, Daniel Faure, Guy Dubeau, Mark Barkan

B Allo Réseau
Written-By – Daniel Faure, Guy Dubeau

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Champagne Explosion - Champagne Explosion 1978 Lp Complete


*  Os déjo un álbum que esta rondando en toda la web hace 4 o 5 años no estaba disponible al público anteriormente,¿es necesario hacer otro ''Vinyl-Rip'' cuando ya tienes un album bien grabado?,si no conoce este lp.... le vendrá muy bien a sus exigentes gustos musicales!

Arranged By, Orchestrated By – Denis LePage, Peter Di Milo
Art Direction – Sam Montesano
Cover, Design – Studio Graffiti
Drums, Cymbal – Graham Chambers
Mastered By – Tom Coyne
Percussion, Congas – Denis LePage
Photography By – J. Asselin
Photography By – Rejean Brazeau
Producer – George Cucuzzella (tracks: A1 to B1), Peter Di Milo
Synthesizer [Polymoog], Trumpet, Trumpet [Melaphone] – Denis LePage
Tenor Saxophone – Richard Beaudet

Tracklist :

A1 Action Is Tight
A2 Sexy Changes

B1 Love Now Hurt Later
B2 Jesus Christ Super Star

''Action is Tight''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Various - Disco Delicious Vol. 1


*   Begins a new volume with 12 extravagant and tasty songs of the 70's and 80's all with excellent sound EQ what makes him different from the previous volume ''it's my discothek'',is the free will to choose songs to disco style without having to follow a single line... practically for all type of tastes!!! 

To view the password to enter my facebook and leave a comment for improve the selection in the next volume or also you can comment on the publication of the blog :    Facebook

** Comienza un nuevo volumen con 12 extravagantes y sabrosas canciones de los 70's y 80's todas con un excelente sonido y equalización,lo que le hace diferente del anterior volumen ''it's my discothek'' es el libre albedrío de seleccionar canciones al estilo disco sin necesidad de seguir una sola linea.... practicamente para todo tipo de gustos 

Para visualizar la contraseña entrar a mi facebook y dejár un comentario para mejorar la selección en el siguiente volumen ó también puedes comentar en la publicacion del blog :  Facebook

Selected By Jorge Gago
Collaborator - Marty


1)    American Gypsy - I'm ok,you're ok  1979
2)    Daybreak - Everybody Get off   1980 
3)    Donnell Pitman - Love explosion (The beat goes on)  198-
4)    Hot Glass - C'est l'amour  1979
5)    Jim Capaldi - Shoe shine  1979
6)    Louise Mandrell - Everlasting love   1978
7)    Ofanchi - Making the best(Of a bad Situation)  1979 
8)    Ronnie April's Positive Energy - Dancer's theme
9)    Soiree - Come a little bit closer   1979
10)  The Beach Boys - Here comes the night (Disco version)  1979 
11)  Vince Tempera & Franco Bixio - White Pop Jesus   1980 
12)  Yvan Guilini & His Orchestra - Jet  1985  

Style / Genre : Electronic Disco Funk/soul,Disco Funk/Soul