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Thursday, May 21, 2015

David Boydell - City Music 1978 Complete Lp



* One-album british disco singer,the best tracks ''Tokyo'',''Red Light'',''Disco Dub'',''En Afrique'' and ''City music''

Tracklist :

A1 City Music
A2 Jet Lag
A3 Tokyo
A4 Hi, Hi, Hi, Use Your Body
A5 Red Light

B1  Dub Dancing
B2 En Afrique
B3 Disco Dub
B4 Handglider
B5  Dub Crazy

Bonus Tracks

1)    Disco Dub (Long Version)
2)    City Music (Long Version)

Credits :
Design, Artwork By – Dobney Johnson Studios
Engineer – Andy (Stud) Pearce, John Burns, Richard Austen
Mastered By – T.
Photography By – Chris Grout-Smith
Producer – Colin H. Jennings, Steve O'Donnell

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul

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