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Friday, November 29, 2019

Sarr Band - Double Action 1979 Complete Lp (Expanded Edition)



*  Sarr Band aka  ''Disgooo Band, Madeira, Soul Disco Band, Soul Sound Group, The Diabolic Soul Invention, The Planet Robots, The Salsoul Invention''

* ''Look At Me Babe'' and ''A Summertime Souvenirs''' by Marsius from his 1977 album ''..... Save The Tiger'',''Soul Machine'' ''Soul Tango'' ''Double Action'' by ''Salsoul Invention'' from his 1976 Album ''Salsoul Explosion'',this time it includes some songs from the same arranger and producer with different aliases,In this edition no includes ''Strout Your Stuff / Lazy Lady'' If someone has the files of this maxi, you can contact my email.

Tracklist :

A1   Double Action
A2   Soul Machine
A3   Soul Tango
A4   Magic Mandrake

B1   Nice & Nasty
B2   Mefisto Boogie
B3   Look At Me Baby
B4   Souvenirs

Bonus Tracks

1)    Baby Sitter 1977
2)    Disgooo 1978
3)    Double Action (Grimmy Edit) 1976
4)    Double Action (Social Disco Club Edit) 1976
5)    Look At me Baby (Long version) 1980
6)    Magic Mandrake  (Original Version) 1977 
7)    Mephisto (Original Version) 1977
8)    Star Wars Suite 1978

Credits :

Written-By – Alistar & Lablion (tracks: A4, B2), Anoub (tracks: A1 to A3), D. Koopermen (tracks: B3), M. Melevefi (tracks: B3, B4), Vince Montana (tracks: B1)
Producer - Sarr Band (SAAR SRL Records)

Style : Disco,Funk/Soul

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