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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Charanga 76 - No Nos Pararan 1979 Complete Lp



*   A repost which goes like a ring at the finger in this month of  the ''Latin Disco''.
*   I want to comment, that all the publications of 2015 have been updated,some are pending to make a new vinyl rip in Wav format,I have also changed the files in better quality for all volumes from ''Disco Delicious''.
*   I also want to clarify,i don't share anything extracted from ''Youtube'', keep in mind that I have been active since 2013 and that certain ''YouTube channels'' have extracted audios from my blog to make and publish certain videos, here it will no longer be shared more music that is less than 256 kbps and much less in mono sound ''

Tracklist :

A1   No Nos Pararan - Ain't No Stopping Us Now
A2   My Forbidden Lover - Mi Amor Prohibido

A3   C-U-B-A Is Cuba
B1   Good Times - Como Vamos A Gozar
B2   We Are Family - Somos Familia

Credits :
Bass – Israel Feliu
Bass [Guest Artist] – Tony Coniff
Composed By – G.R.H. Feralmar,N. Edwards And B. Rodgers,McFadden Whitehead
Congas – Orlando Osorio
Congas, Vocals [Special Thanks To] – Mayra Casales
Coordinator – Victor Salazar
Cover [Design] – VB Adv. And Graphics Comm.
Cover [Graphics By] – Rowe
Drums [Guest Artist] – Al Capolongo
Engineer – Jim Czack, John Post, Tim Gilliam
Executive-Producer – Philip DeCarlo, Stanley J. Cohen
Flute – Karen Joseph
Guiro – Felipe Martinez
Guitar [Guest Artist] – Brad Catron
Mixed By – John Ferrara
Lead Vocals – Carmen,Hansel,Mayra,Raul
Lyrics By – G. Fernandez,G.R.H. Feralmar
Other [Public Relations] – Cynthia Rodriguez
Percussion, Bells [Guest Artist] – Felo Barrio
Producer, Arranged By – Gonzalo Fernandez
Timbales – Marty Cartagena
Violin – Angel Alamo
Violin [Guest Artist] – Carl Ector, Eddie Drennon, Gail Dixon
Vocals – Hansel Martinez, Raul Alfonso
Vocals [Special Thanks To] – Carmen Lundy

Style : Disco,Funk/Soul,Latin

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  1. I love the posts from the 'Latin Disco Month'and it's great to see one of my all time favourite disco albums Charanga 76 posted - I still keep hoping they will one day Reissue it on CD/digital and its a mystery why no one has done it yet.

    I hope you are able to update two of my favourite Latin Disco posts from a few years back that you posted:

    American Eagles LP
    Ole - SuperDiscoTube

    No worries if you are unable to update them - the rips you provided still sound good!