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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sarah Dash - Sarah Dash 1978 Lp Complete



* She began her solo career in 1978 and released three albums in the period of the disco and one in the late 80's, change your funky style to NRG with some singles produced by Patrick Cowley.
She did a duet with Nile Rodgers ("My Love Song For You"), Ray,Goodman & Brown ("Do not Make Me Wait") and Patti LaBelle ("you're all i need"). 

He collaborated with the magazine ''Rolling Stones'' and later in the 80s with Keith Richard.

* Ella comenzó su carrera en solitario en 1978 y lanzó tres álbumes en el período de la discoteca y uno más en los últimos años 80 ,cambio su estilo funky a NRG con algunos singles producidos por Patrick Cowley.
Ella tambien hizo un dueto con Nile Rodgers ("My Love Song For You"), Ray, Goodman & Brown ("No Make Me Wait") y Patti LaBelle ("you're all i need").

Colaboró ​​con la revista ''Rolling Stones'' y posteriormente en los años 80 con Keith Richard.

    Arranged By – Leon Pendarvis
    Design – Ed Lee
    Engineer – Harvey Goldberg
    Engineer [Assistant] – Michael Barbiero
    Management – Vicki Wickham
    Mastered By – George Marino
    Photography By – Frank Laffitte
    Producer – Gary Knight, Gene Allan, Jay Siegel, Wally Gold


1)   Sinner Man
2)   You
3)   Touch and go
4)   I can't believe(Someone Like You Could Really Love Me)
5)   Do it for love
6)   Charge it
7)   Give Your Man A Helping Hand
8)   Look But Don't Touch
9)   We're Lovers After All
10) Come And Take This) Candy From Your Baby  

''Sinner man''

Style : Disco,Funk/soul


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