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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

T.J.M. - TJM 1979 Lp Complete



*    A very interesting fact that I found in the web :

''A classic disco album with some very enduring tracks, this is a project effectively split between Boston and Philadelphia. Apparently, Tom Moulton was being courted by Neil Bogart at the Casablanca label to release something under his own name, despite the fact that he was not a producer nor conductor. This album started as a slew of unfinished Boston disco productions by Arthur Baker and many of the local crew he worked with (Wedgeworth, Gholson, Carbone, Presto-- the last two were involved with North End with Baker). These productions were purchased for Moulton to finish later at the famed Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia. Under Moulton these were finished with some of the in-house Philly International players adding to the tracks. Interestingly Baker was not credited as a producer, but Moulton was, despite this the record shows a strong Boston imprint from the credits. With a house remix and several modern reissues, you can see that this project, for however complicated the backstory, yielded significant results.''

 Album within reach of everyone,there is a vinyl rip prowling across the web but with incomplete songs,this would be the perfect post,enjoy it or buy the CD Expanded Edition with his Bonus Tracks

Arranged By – Evan Solot, Jonathan Klein, Terry Gholson
Arranged By, Producer [Uncredited] – Arthur Baker
Bass – Jeff Anderson, Jimmy Williams
Conductor – Evan Solot
Drums – Bob Stoloff, Keith Benson
Guitar – Andrei Carriere, Jim Anderson
Keyboards – Jonathan Klein, Rollins Ross, Terry Gholson, Tony Carbone
Percussion – Russell Presto, Sa Davis
Producer – Tom Moulton
Vocals – The Brotherhood

Tracklist :

A1 I Don't Need No Music            9:47

A2 Put Yourself In My Place        9:18
B1 Small Circle Of Friends          11:13 
B2 Am I Dreaming                        8:15

''Put yourself in my place (Melodiesmagic Edit)''

Style : Disco,Funk/Soul

Password : tom_jerome



  1. Does your copy have the infamous Pentagram carved into the deadwax? It has to be a promo version from plant 53. If so it's worth about $5K!

    1. i have this edition, are you interested, i am selling for a good price

  2. I have this record, with the pentagram carved into the deadwax, i am looking for $3,000 or best offer, please email me if interested, my email is lukeebassett@gmail.com

  3. Here is my pentagram carved vinyl on ebay: