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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cosmic Gal - Keep On Moving 1979 Album Complete



* Most songs are English language disco-styled with some covers of Japanese hits of the 60s and 70s,''Space Fever'' & ''Moon Dream'' were originally released on CBS Germany as an A side and B side of a 7" single under name ''Skyline'',''Moon Dream'' is an instrumental version of ''Dance With Me'' by Chilly.   

Arranged - Bernt Möhrle,Michael Cretu
Producer – Bernt Möhrle, Jean Frankfurter, RMP Musikproduktion
Written-By – Bernt Möhrle (tracks: A3, B3), Bert T. (tracks: A1, B4), Fred Schreier (tracks: A5, B5), Patty Unyin (tracks: A3, B3),Shunichi Tokura (tracks: A2, A4, B1), Yoko Narahashi (tracks: A2, A4, B1), Yu Aku (tracks: A2, A4, B1)

Tracklist :

A1 Keep On Moving
A2 Sindbad
A3 You're So Good
A4 Sergeant Pepper
A5 Space Fever

B1 Wanted
B2 You Are A Teaser
B3 Rock Roll Dancing Night
B4 Welcome To My House
B5 Moon Dream

Bonus Tracks

1)   Please Mr. Postman  
2)   Heat me up  
3)   Vacation 
4)   Hang on fool  

''Space Fever''

Style : Electronic Disco,Pop



  1. Buen lp jorge,fué uno de los que encontrè en barcelona!!!

  2. muito obrigado por disponibilizar essa raridade.....from são paulo Brazil