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Friday, July 24, 2015

Sex Convention - Toi qui reve de baisers / Parachute 1976



*  Extravagant Pop/Rock Disco sung by Jessy Joyce and Micky Figliolini,''Parachute'' is the instrumental rework of the ''Help Taxi'' from ''TURN RADIO ON'' Library LP (1977), ''Ces mots'' from JPM & Co LP (1977),''Golden Cristallen'' from HERMAN'S ROCKET LP (1976),''Time Telephone'' from GRAFFITTI KIDS single (1979) and ''Allo Maman, Allo'' from ''ALLE,LE RECEAU'' single (1981). 

Written,producer - Jean Pierre Massiera

Tracklist :

A      Toi Que Reve De Baisers

B      Parachute


Style : Funk/Soul,Disco,Pop/Rock

Password : sexconv


1 comment:

  1. Hey Jorge, - can't thank you enough for this one! The a-side Toi Que Reve De Baisers has been one of my favourite tracks on the Psychoses Discoïd (1976-1981) compilation so I have wanted to hear the flipside 'Parachute' for ages - had no idea it was the instrumental basis of so many other JPM tracks!

    Brilliant post! This really is the current home of rare seventies disco!