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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Nancy Nova - Akiri Non Stop 1978 lp Complete



* Nancy Nova released succesful recordings at the very end of the 70's and the early 80's. Notable songs included "The Force", "Made In Japan", "No No No" and "Heaven". 

She was a featured artist on Italian TV Show "Non Stop" for six weeks and her single "Akiri Non Stop" was used as the theme tune;Her 1981 single "The Force" received much radio play and was a big hit in the Dance charts,was a founder member of ''Toto Coelo'' but left before they achieved popularity due to her signing a worldwide contract with EMI 

She is the daughter of one-time UK game show host Bob Holness and sister of Ros Holness of pop group Toto Coelo. Indeed, she was noted by Paul Gambaccini in the British Hit Singles for being in the charts the same week as her sister (4th September 1982). 

* Nancy Nova was the backing singer on ''Nice And Slow'' by ''Jesse Green''.

Arranged By – Kenneth And Oliver Gibson
Engineer – Gerry "Schoolgirls" Kitchingham
Producer – Ken Gibson, R. Danova

Tracklist :

A1   Akiri Non Stop
A2   No Way
A3   We Found Love
A4   Tip For The Top
A5   Day And Night
A6   Turning It Over

B1   You Shot Me Down In Flames
B2   Lonely Without You
B3   There's No Tomorrow
B4   Baby Come Home
B5   Goodbye

''There's no tomorrow''

Style : Electronic Disco,Funk/Soul,Pop,Vocal


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  1. Great album and an interesting voice :-) Thanks