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Thursday, September 28, 2017

J.P.M. And C° - Phantasmes 1977 Complete Lp



* Remarkable work of maestro featuring a lot of his friends: Cecarelli, J. Fauvre, B. Bunny, J.-L.Crema, G.Pontieux, B. Torelli (rythmique); J. Joyce, M. Vanessa, C. Eve (choir), R. Guizien, Y. Guizien, Mondzryck, Cimino, Holveg (cuivres), J. David, A. Chantier, Caturegli ‘Fi-fils’, G. Munareto, Y. Perey, H. Fouad, G. Amadi, T. Landra, C. Jesus, D. Dall’olmo, B. Bello, A. Caturelli (violons). Here are a long-time collaborators of JPM (Andre Cecarelli, Bunny Brunel, Jessie Joyce, Bernard Torelli): some persons are remarkable too: Jean-Luc Crema (also THE CRAZY DOGS, 1976, ATLANTIDE, 1976, HUMAN EGG, 1978), Gerard Pontieux (TURN RADIO ON, 1977).

A plenty of styles (chanson, avant-guarde, progressive, disco etc.). The track ''Les moulins de mon coeur'' is the cover on Michel Legrand from 1969. The track ''C’est show bizz'' is reworked version of ''Je n'suis pas bien portant'' from Massiera’s BOB'ART single (1975) and consists a parody on French TV-shows about pop-music. The track ''Dali court'' is parody on Boney M's ''Daddy Cool'' hit from 1976, but dedicated to Salvator Dali. The track ‘Plus jamais ca’ is reworked version of ''Radioscopia'' from Massiera’s library LP TURN RADIO ON (1977), using some elements of song ''Pardon pour Buchenwald'' from Massiera’s ERIK single (1970). ''Adieu l'Ami'' is vocal version of ''Special Night'' from TURN RADIO ON and looks like a cover on Uriah Heep's song ''The Park'' from 1971; it's text is dedicated to the memory of Massiera’s friend Gerard Jacquemus (died in 1974; co-producer on CHRIS GALLBERT singles and member of LES CHATS RENAISSANCE). The track ‘Ces mots’ uses tune of the track ‘Help Taxi’ from library TURN RADIO ON again; it also used in ‘Golden Cristall’ from HERMAN’S ROCKET album (1978); in ''Parachute'' from SEX CONVENTION single (1976); in ''Time Telephone'' from GRAFFITI KIDS single (1979);and in ''Allo Maman, Allo'' from ALLE, LE RECEAU single (1981). 

Source : https://sites.google.com/site/jpmdiscogs/1974-1977
Orchestra [Direction] – Gérard Pontieux
Producer – Jean-Pierre Massiera
Recorded By – Bernard Belan,Jean-Pierre Massiera,Pierre Bucco

Tracklist :

A1   Baby Topless (Poupée Gonflable)
A2   Les Moulins De Mon Coeur
A3   Mama Ecoute
A4   Adieu L'ami
A5   Plus Jamais Ça
A6   Poet's-Poet's And C-

B1   C'est Show Bizz
B2   El Lidiador
B3   Ces Mots
B4   Dali Court
B5   Je Ne Pense Qu'à Ça
B6   J'habite

Style : Prog Rock,Experimental,Disco,Funk/Soul,Chanson,Psychedelic

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