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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

André And Leslie - Stress 1979 Maxi Single



*  Fenomenal ''Cosmic Disco'' cantada en francés,incluye también la version instrumental no tan diferente de la version vocal,una gema muy inusual de colección.

Arranged By – André Brasseur
Engineer – Dominique Blanc-Francard, Philippe Delire
Music By – Andre Brasseur
Lyrics By – Andre Brasseur,F. Souris
Vocals – Leslie

Tracklist :

A Stress
B Stress (Instrumental)

Style : Electronic Disco,Abstract

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  1. Many thanks for sharing both versions of one of the greatest European cosmic/space disco singles of the seventies. The arrangement is so beautifully constructed, the sounds of the drum, bass and synth never get boring and Leslie's vocals are just perfection.

    Tracks like this are the real disco classics and it is only thanks to the kindness of disco music bloggers like Jorge and reissue labels like Private Records that this exquisite music gains a larger audience.

    Hope you are well my friend and I look forward to your new posts in 2017... especially the ones you share in WAV :)