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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Disco sound of Julio Iglesias (Compilation)


 * I take the freedom to do a post with songs from ''Julio Iglesias'' but disco sound since 1975 to 1982 extracted from several successive albums,''Love's theme'' is a beautiful that Julio interprets us with his great voice that reaches to have the level of ''Andy Williams'' if they heard also the cover he recorded in 1974 for ''Love's theme'',''Un dia tu,un dia yo'' song that Julio popularized in 1979 in all Latin America although it is a cover of ''Give me your love'' of the great ''Phil Trim''main voice of ''Top Pops'',''Si me dejas no vale'' spanish version of the great theme ''let's try once again'' of  ''Patrick Norman and Black Light Orchestra'' popular song in Latin America.

Selected By Jorge Gago


1)    Love's theme   1975
2)    Manha de Carnaval   1976
3)    Moliendo cafe   1976
4)    Si me dejas no vale ''Let's try once again''   1977
5)    Un dia tu,Un dia yo ''Give me your love''    1978
6)    Quiereme  ''Stranger in Paradise''  1978
7)    Souriez Madame  ''Con una pinta asi''  1979
8)    Morriñas  1980
9)    Volver a empezar  ''Begin the beguine''    1981
10)  Quijote     1981
11)  Amor        1982

''Love's theme''

''Un dia tu,un dia yo''

Style : Disco pop,latin

Password :  Julio_igl_disko

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