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Friday, September 29, 2017

Empire(Methusalem) - First Album 1980 Complete Lp



*  Obscure tunes with electro disco wave,there are scarce copies  therefore the highest price for the sale!!,the style is similar to the ''Chris Craft'' and his ''discomancer'' album,listen to the nice creation recorded in Germany,a excellent Vinyl-rip in WAV format,Leben ''Disco''.

    Arranged By, Conductor – Charles Blackwell, Greg Mathieson, Ralf Nowy

    Drums – Barry De Souza, Keith Forsey, Peter Lehwinson
    Engineer – Jürgen Koppers, Steve Allen, Steven D. Smith, Tom Müller
    Guitar – Eric Ford, Jeff Baxter, Ricky Hitchcock, Tommy Schiedel
    Keyboards – Greg Mathieson, Trevor Bastov
    Percussion – Frank Riccati, Paulinho Da Costa, Peter Lehwinson
    Producer – Empire
    Vocals – Linda Susan Bauer, Vicky Brown

Tracklist :

A1 Shot Down
A2 Robotism
A3 Alien
A4 Time Machine

B1 Ooh Dracula
B2 Bavarian Affair
B3 You Are The Sun
B4 Zombie

Style : Electronic disco,Rock,Synth-Pop

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