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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hot Gossip - Love Clone / Cats (Out on the prowl) 1979 Maxi Single



*  A british dance troupe, formed and directed by Arlene Phillips. Active from 1974 - 1986;most renowned for being regulars at "Kenny Everett's Video Show" until it's demise in 1981. 

* In 1980 Dominique Wood, Mark Tyme, Lorraine Whitmarsh, Carol Fletcher, Lyndsey Ward, Donna Fielding, Lee Black, left to set up ''Sponooch''.

*  ''Love clone'' is included in the ''The World Is Full Of Married Men'' album

Producer - Patrick Adams,Stan Lucas (Track A)
Producer - Micki Anthony,Richard Hill(Track B)

Tracklist :

A Love Clone

B Cats (Out On The Prowl)

Style : Electronic Disco,Pop

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