The Birth of a Dragon II

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Various Artists - German Disco II 2024

15 tunes enter the scene in reference to the DISCO sung in German, not necessarily coming from Germany, as always going back to the seventies where the commercialization of said style didn't have the necessary time to be heard, and in this blog one of the few that is continuing and surviving they give brightness and youth to those themes that slowly parade in the pentogram of the DISCO lights.

Tracklist : 

1)    Cantus-Chor & Orchester Lothar Kehr - Hoch Im All 1978
2)    Marianne Rosenberg - Er gehört zu mir 1975
3)    Dieter Hallervorden - Disco dussl 1978
4)    Holger Biege - Cola-Wodka 1979
5)    Marianne Rosenberg - Ich Schaffs Ganz Gut Auch Ohne Dich 1980
6)    Marion - Señorita por favor (German Version)  1978
7)    Monika Herz - Mingo 1978
8)    Tony Holiday - Es Lebe Copacabana (Santa Maria Del Portugal) 1978
9)    Sandra Ann - Andy mein friend 1976
10)  Siw Inger - Die kühle blonde aus dem norden 1978
11)  Su Kramer - Liebe Kommt Und Geht (In The Name Of Love) 1978
12)  Tony Holiday - Tanze Samba Mit Mir (A Far L'Amore Comincia Tu) 1977

13)  Udo Jurgens - Ich weiss was ich will 1979
14)  Vivian O'Neill - Nein mein Herr, ich will nicht tanzen 1979
15)  Dina Straat - Du Bist Wieder Da 1979

Compiled By Jorge Gago
Cover Design - Jorge Gago

Style : Disco,Funk/Soul,Pop
           Electronic Disco

*  All rights reserved to the artists and bands that make up this compilation,a non-profit production.

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